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Monday, April 2, 2012

[News] Nichkhun becomes a relationship expert at 2PM’s ‘Hottest Party’ fan meeting

2PM member Nichkhun captivated his fans with his witty humor and conversational skills.

At 2PM's '2PM Hottest Party' fan meeting held at Kyunghee University on April 1st, the members had a chance to meet with 4,000 of their loyal fans.

During the 'Talk Show' corner of the event, Nichkhun transformed into a relationship expert and helped his fans resolve their various relationship problems.

One fan remarked that she had no 'aegyo' and asked the boys to help her learn to develop an 'aegyo' charm. Nichkhun stepped in to help her saying, "When you fall in love, 'aegyo' comes very naturally. You begin to use an alien language that you yourself don't even understand." Fellow member Junsu then added that using a dialect can sometimes help with 'aegyo', and gave a personal demonstration. Seeing this, Nichkhun warned, "That was cute Junsu, but please never do that again," causing the other members to explode in laughter.

Another fan then remarked that she could not stop eating instant ramen as a midnight snack, and asked them to help her quit. Nichkhun informed her, "When you fall in love, you will very naturally stop eating ramen. Lovers have better things to do at night." Hearing this, his fellow 2PM members who became dumbfounded at his seemingly inappropriate remark said, "We take back that statement," to which the witty Nichkhun remarked, "I don't know what you guys are thinking. I was saying that at night, lovers like to look good for another so they shower and moisturize. When you do so, it takes your mind off things like ramen," hilariously appeasing the situation.

Yet another fan in the audience had a legitimate concern. She was dating someone within the same company, and was trying not to get caught by her superiors in the work place. She wanted to know the members' secrets to dating under the radar. Nichkhun then shockingly remarked, "This is not a concern."

"You don't want to be caught? Well, your superiors already know," he said, causing the audience members and his 2PM members to burst out in laughter. "They already know, so date boldly with confidence. The best thing to do would be to date the CEO," he joked.

And to a fan that was considering on getting eyelid surgery, Nichkhun said, "Love will resolve your problem. When you are in love, no one will see the size of your eyes, because they will be too focused on your personality and your abilities."

Towards the end of the 'Talk Show' corner, 2PM member Taecyeon praised Nichkhun who offered his adorably hilarious resolutions to the fans' concerns by saying, "Today's true troubleshooter is none other than Nichkhun," and gave a thumbs up. The fans seemed to agree, sending their explosive cheers and applause for Nichkhun.

The boys also put on charismatic stage performances at the event, and captivated the fans with their friendly and easy-to-approach image. The boys are also preparing for their comeback later this year, and their Japanese TOKYO MX '2PM & 2AM's Wander Trip' begins airing on April 3rd.

Check out the NG scenes from their "Moon That Embraces The Sun" parody below!

Source: allkpop

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