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Thursday, May 3, 2012

[News] 2PM dominates the hit model chart on TVCF

2PM has swept the endorsement model ranking chart of Korea’s greatest advertisement portal site.

Advertisement portal site TVCF recently revealed their hit model chart, and the 1st place spot went to 2PM, 2nd Nichkhun, 3rd Taecyeon, 5th Wooyoung, 6th Junho, 7th Chansung, and 9th Junsu. With 7 out of the top 10 spots held by 2PM, some say that they have taken over the chart. Last December’s ranking was 1st Nichkhun, 2nd 2PM, and 10th Taecyeon, and this recent chart shows that since then, the 2PM members have become more in-demand commercial models.

TVCF’s model ranking is done daily using all the commercials aired in the past twelve months.

On top of dominating 7 spots out of 10 on the hit chart, they also ranked on the ‘average ranking chart’ with 2PM ranking 3rd, Taecyeon ranking 5th, and Nichkhun coming in at 6th. 2PM has shown their power, proving that they are currently some of the most loved advertisement models in the nation.

JYP Entertainment stated, “2PM’s various images and activities have gotten them many love calls from advertisement agencies. On top of that, each member has their own unique color so individual members are gaining interest as well.

On another note, 2PM is currently preparing for the ‘Budokan 6 days‘ concert in Japan, which is scheduled for the end of May. The concert is expected to pull in an audience of 90,000.

Source: allkpop

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