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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Brandi Glanville LeAnn Rimes Feud Goes Nuclear As Courtney Love Steps Into The Fray!

Brandi Glanville LeAnn Rimes Feud Goes Nuclear As Courtney Love Steps Into The Fray!, You know a bitter feud is never going to end any time soon when Courtney Love steps into the fray!

The controversial singer is putting herself in the firing line of the ongoing Brandi Glanville Vs LeAnn Rimes war, and OKMagazine.com has all the crazy details!

Courtney, 48, waded straight into the battle, tweeting support of her fellow singer and vowing to take down her enemies—are you listening Brandi?

"I eat that s*** for breakfast. Leanns my girl, u f*** with her you f'*** with me!" Love wrote.

LeAnn was obviously ecstatic to finally find somebody that's team Rimes, immediately retweeting the message to her legion of followers.

And, Brandi seemed to back down (not surprisingly!!) in the face of the indomitable Courtney, offering an olive branch to her longstanding nemesis!

"Co-parenting is hard I opened up a can of worms last night after reading some dishonest tweets about my kids. Lets move on today thank u," the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tweeted.

The latest standoff comes hot on the heels of yet another round of warfare between Glanville and Rimes.

The two have been embroiled in a bitter Twitter war ever since LeAnn ran off with Glanville's then-husband, Eddie Cibrian.

Brandi went postal on Twitter earlier in the week after she was unable to get in contact with her two sons who were staying with their father, Eddie and his now-wife, LeAnn.

"Ive been trying to get a hold of my kids 4 over an hour no response to my calls, emails or messages. Maybe twitter will work," Brandi tweeted on Monday.

And, LeAnn went straight on the defensive!

"Funny, she just got off the phone w/ them. Sorry, we were doing baths, homework & dinner. All good!" She wrote.

"The phone rang, I picked it up. Never saw this til after. All you gotta do is call."

But Brandi was NOT taking it lying down!

"I tweeted the father of my boys Mon night after trying to reach them for an hour.I dont know Y ANY1 else tweeted me back with involvement," she fumed later.

"The kids called me 1 minute after that tweet #therealtruth Im so sick of BS lies I tweeted EC not his wife she should mind her business.

"I am NOT in a twitter war with ANYONE! No matter how hard people try to make it about them.

"Ive been doing my best to not engage, I have no war with anyone I just miss my babys [sic]."

LeAnn was quick to retaliate, firing back—of course—on Twitter once again!

"Name calling and twitter rants are so 2012. Music and truth is so 2013," she wrote sagely.

"It's ok, it ok, if love is that hard, that's how we find out who we really are."

But, Brandi still had plenty to say on the subject!

''FYI I am only allowed to call my kids between 7 pm & 730 each evening, so when I cant reach them I freak, I always answer anytime dad calls," she wrote.

"Im done! Going to sleep.Have kids then have them taken away half the time& get f***ing back 2 me when u cant even call & say goodnight, bye."

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