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Monday, July 15, 2013

Gwen stefani high school swim team

Gwen stefani high school swim team, these shots ended up in the Daily mail a British Tabloid. Look at the expression on her face. Complete shock. Yea, and she is even prettier. I thought she was 25.

I see this fat ass "photographer," AKA paparazzi, at the Target by my house. He is dressed in black along with a matching black baseball cap hiding behind a stand of young girls two piece bathing suits. Just picture this jerk as an unshaven, obese ninja, with no honor code making a living as a professional stalker.

He has drawn attention to himself because he is knocking swim suits and hangers onto the floor and he does not pick them up. I am thinking he is some creepy nut and suddenly he leaps out nearly bumps me. He does not turn and apologize or say excuse me, he just starts clicking his camera like it is a "machine gun." I look up to see what he is shooting and there is Gwen Stefani. Next, her child gets startled and drops his toy. I yell at the guy and say, "I can't believe this." He turns and starts walking out real quick. The security guard there can't do anything about it because she is worried more about Gwen Stefani.

Gwen Stefani was a swimmer in high school, I have no idea how she could ever pass that sport onto her kids or any other activity for that matter without the fear of a stalker such as what I witnessed today doing something that potentially harms them.

Here is my suggestion to  Target or any other private business: If one of these paparazzi jerks publishes a photo within Target or any other branded or private business, said store should bill each publication that runs these photos $100,000 for trademark violations and/or by profiting with no permission do so on their private property.

Did I pull out my camera, no!  I pretended that she was just some mom with here kid buying the latest toy. These paparazzi jerks are stalkers. They make a living invading people's personal spaces, bumping people out of the way to so, cutting people off on freeways; (Jason Bieber incident three miles from my house), and no photographer should have a right to profit from a photo taken in a obtained that way.

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