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Friday, July 19, 2013

Laurel Plane Crash: Pilot Critically Injured, Mobile Homes Destroyed

Laurel Plane Crash: Pilot Critically Injured, Mobile Homes Destroyed, A plane crashed into a mobile home in a trailer park near Laurel in Maryland City this morning. The pilot was seriously injured in the crash and two families were displaced.

The crash occurred at approximately 10 am at a unit block on Bruce Street. It is reported that, although one of the mobile homes has the wing of the plane lodged in it, no one was in the residence at the time.

The pilot was then seen by eyewitnesses crawling on the ground near to the crash and bleeding profusely. The pilot, 70-year-old Ronald H. Dixon, was rushed to a local specialist hospital.

The plane was flying particularly low, according to local residents, and, after hitting some trees, the small aircraft crashed into the house destroying it completely.

The plane crash near Laurel thankfully caused no injuries on the ground but a lot of damaged property. Three mobile homes were damaged to one degree or another with one of them having most of its side severed by the force of the impact.

In a statement regarding the crash, the FAA said that the incident was reported to them by State police at 10 am following its take of from Suburban Airpark in Maryland.

The FAA and the NTSB have deployed investigation teams to the scene and will determine the probable cause of the crash in the coming days.

Due to the severe nature of the Laurel plane crash today, the surrounding area has been closed off to local traffic. This is mainly due to the large amount of fuel that was spilled on the roads surrounding the mobile home units.

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