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Friday, July 19, 2013

Watch Rob Gronkowski's angry reaction to Aaron Hernandez questions

Watch Rob Gronkowski's angry reaction to Aaron Hernandez questions, Rob Gronkowski did not want to talk about Aaron Hernandez.
The New England Patriots tight end made that perfectly clear when asked about his former teammate, who is being charged with first-degree murder, by Don Dahler in an interview for "CBS This Morning."

"Next question," Gronkowski said twice the first time Hernandez was brought up.

Everyone else in the room -- including Dahler and members of Gronkowski's family, who were also being interviewed during the segment -- thought it was funny.

Gronkowski didn't. "Hey, next question," he said again when Dahler tried to ask again in a slightly different manner.

More laughter from everyone but Gronk followed, then the undaunted Dahler turned to Gronkowski's father and tried yet again with this cringe-worthy non-question: "It seems to me that these two men played on opposite sides of the line but they had more than that in terms of being opposites."

As his father tried to stammer his way out of that one, Gronkowski waved his hand, stood up and said, "I'll walk off right now," then proceeded to start doing just that. Dahler, with a cheesy grin never leaving his face, promised to change the subject.

That seemed to appease Gronkowski this time around. But you can bet this won't be the last time he hears questions about Hernandez.

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