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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[News] Who is the "Luckiest Korean Wave Star" in 2012?

The predictions were based on the combination of the person's western and eastern zodiac signs, blood group and others. Analzyed by one hundred fortune tellers to pick the luckiest Kpop star in 2012.

#01: U-Kiss - Kevin (Most Luckiest. Not listed in the image.)
#02: After School - Kim Jungah
#03: CN Blue - Lee Jonghyun
#04: Big Bang - Seungri
#05: Big Bang - G-Dragon
#06: T-ara - Qri
#07: F.T. Island - Lee Jaejin
#08: F.T. Island - Song Seunghyun
#09: SNSD - Sooyoung
#10: After School - Nana
#11: CN Blue - Lee Jungshin
#12: After School - Lizzy
#13: Boys Over Flowers - Kim Joon
#14: 2PM - Junho
#15: UKiss - Kiseop

Source: Cocoloni

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