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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

[News] Baek Ah Yeon was first intimidated by 2PM’s Junsu gifting her with “Always”

Rookie singer Baek Ah Yeon who is the first of her SBS ‘K-Pop Star‘ peers to debut as an artist was deeply touched by 2PM member Junsu.

Junsu gifted his JYP Entertainment junior Baek Ah Yeon with song “Always“, a track that he has personally written and composed. Not only that, he personally directed Baek Ah Yeon’s recording session and featured on the track with a stylish rap.

During an interview that took place with NoCutNews on September 6th, Baek Ah Yeon remarked, “I was a little intimidated because I had never met senior Junsu before, but he was an extremely friendly person. Because he is a composer as well as an artist, he personally demonstrated the idea he had in mind so it was a lot easier to understand.

A representative from their agency added, “The 2PM members were thinking of what they could do for their junior artist who is just starting out her career, and decided to gift her with a self-composed track. We hope that with this gift, Baek Ah Yeon will be able to shine that much brighter

Baek Ah Yeon has also began studying songwriting in order to become a singer/songwriter like Junsu. As of now, she is only writing down a few chords and mumbling on a recorder, but she is truly passionate.

I would also like to gift my juniors with songs that I personally wrote,” she said. “One of these days, I would like to fill all 13 songs of a full-length album with the songs I wrote myself.

She is also hard at work practicing the piano. This is because she would like to perform a song behind the piano, as a lot of fans remember her playing the keyboard for her audition on ‘K-Pop Star’.

I think Baek Ah Yeon is to the piano, as a thread is to a needle,” she said. “Even until ‘K-Pop Star’, I didn’t realize I would be receiving attention for my keyboard, however, after giving it some thought, I realized I practiced singing more while I played the piano compared to MR tracks. I would like to show you more of the piano-playing side of me.

Source: NoCutNews via Nate via allkpop

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