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Monday, August 18, 2014

[News] 2PM’s Taecyeon Talks About His Ideal Type on Radio

2PM’s Taecyeon revealed his most recent ideal type.

During August 18’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Power Time, Taecyeon started, “I think my ideal type changes each time.

He shared, “Recently, my ideal type has been someone who eats well. I just like girls who eat well. I don’t have a specific ideal type. The ideal height has always been 168 centimeters.

DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked “That’s taller than average height. Have you ever dated a girl who is taller than 168 centimeters?” and Taecyeon answered, “No, I have never dated one. I’m just grateful if the girl is pretty.

Choi Hwa Jung asked, “Do you like a pretty Asian looking girl or a pretty Western looking girl?” and the 2PM members answered, “I’m thankful either way. I would just like her to be not too fussy.

Going deeper into the topic, Choi Hwa Jung asked, “Do you want her to have a professional career of her own?” and Taecyeon answered, “Just because she is pretty, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need a job. You ask me very specific questions. I think I would be more grateful if she had a job.

Source: enewsworld

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