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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tips Use Form Auto Generate in davidnins

How to use Form Auto Generate in davidnins blog and Open Top Level Domain blogger? in this blog davidnins.blogspot.com
Share to use Form Generate Top Level Domain Blogger in Mores Extension Countries, in blog see in this picture bellow:

In picture davidnins very simple for Open your subdomain or your name blogspot in new tab your browser. In New tab browser will Open and Close and Auto Generate and Change Extension Blogger Mores Countries.
Just type your subdomain blogger example : davidnins and click Submit URL, wait open 35 Extension Blogger in New Tab Browser.
If you wont to open with your link post just type subdomain blogger and link post, example in form Type Subdomain Blogger, Without: http:// eg: davidnins and form Type Link your Post example : /2014/10/auto-generate-extension-level-domain.html and finally Click Submit URL.
Important : Wait and relaxed No close this blog davidnins.blogspot.com because form Auto Generate and working to Open and Close in New Tab 35 Top Level Domain Blogspot.
Good Luck to Use Auto Generate and Open Close your Domain Blogger in Mores Extension Countries

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