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Thursday, July 19, 2012

[News] Park Jin Young Tells Which Artist Makes the Least Money from JYPE

Park Jin Young, the founder and lead producer of JYP Entertainment, appeared on the July 18 episode of MBC Radio “Jung Yup’s Clear Night” and explained the reason for not releasing his own album as often as he used to.

Even if I want to sing so much, I can’t release an album that easily,” the producer better known as JYP said. “I make the least money among our JYP artists, so I have to make sure 2PM and Wonder Girls’ albums are complete before working on my own album.

He continued, “People argue why I’d waste songs on my own album, which doesn’t even make any profit. And those songs get stolen by other JYP artists.

He was also asked about idol stars who often joke about JYP on variety shows. “I think I’ve been too lenient these days. From now on, I’ll have to get a lot scarier and be more authoritative,” he said with a smile. But he went on to add, “I have the most fun when I go out drinking with our agency artists or fellow co-workers.

Source: soompi

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