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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Clint eastwood seven children 5 different women

Clint eastwood seven children 5 different women, Clint Eastwood Seven Children 5 Different Women, Cline Eastwood + seven children + five women,Clint Eastwood, the legendary actor and now highly acclaimed director is 80 if you can believe it. He seems to be 80 strong years though and is still at the height of his game.

Clearly his healthy lifestyle, which has always included exercise, no smoking and healthy eating, is paying off. However there is another aspect of his lifestyle that isn’t always looked on as favorable and that is his reputation as a constant womaniser and his numerous affairs.

In all these years he has only married twice so maybe we should not be so quick to judge! Age may have slowed that down but it doesn’t stop the fact that he has now fathered at least seven known children by five separate women.

Eastwood’s first child was Kimber who was born on June 17th 1964 to dancer Roxanne Tunis, Eastwood was with her whilst on a separation from his first wife Maggie Johnson. Eastwood only publicly acknowledged Kimber in 1996.

He got reconciled with his wife Maggie and went on to father two children with her. Kyle born on May 19th 1968 and Alison born May 22nd 1972.

Whilst in a long term relationship with a regular co-star Sondra Locke Eastwood entered another affair with flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves. Despite two abortions Clint and Sondra never had any children. Clint and Jacelyn had two children together. Scott who was born on March 21, 1986 and Kathryn who was born February 2, 1988.

Coming into the 90′s Eastwood wasn’t done having kids! He was in a relationship with another co-star Frances Fisher and they had one child named Francesca who was born on 7th August 1993.

Eastwood’s most recent child comes from his 2nd wife Dina Ruiz, an anchor woman he met in 1993 and who he married in 1996. They are still married and had daughter Morgan on December 12th 1996.

I guess seeing as he has not fathered anymore children since the 90s and he is still married shows that he may have slowed down and maybe we won’t be seeing anymore Eastwood’s running around. He only has two grandchildren at present, which is surprising considering the seven kids!

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