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Friday, June 21, 2013

Phaedra Bloom Forever

Phaedra Bloom Forever, The 24-year-old daughter of Sir Bob gave birth to her and husband Thomas Cohen’s second son on April 24 – the same birthday as her mother, Paula Yates.

And in her first photoshoot with their little bundle of joy – whose full name is Phaedra Bloom Forever – she admitted they wanted to give him a quirky name.

‘I wouldn’t be a Geldof if I didn’t get stick in the press about my ridiculous choice of names,’ she joked. ‘I’ve got to uphold the family tradition.’

Explaining the reasoning behind her son’s name, she continued: ‘We chose Bloom because my middle name is Honeyblossom and also in homage to the Nirvana record In Bloom. Forever we chose purely because it sounds cool.

‘I love his name and think he sounds like a rock star. We liked Phaedra because it features in a song both Tom and I love by Lee Hazlewood, called Some Velvet Morning.

‘It’s nothing to do with some band called Tangerine Dream, as has been reported. I’ve never heard them.’

And despite Phaedra being born on such a special day for Peaches, she insists it wasn’t planned.

‘It wasn’t an option. Maybe it is if you go private, but we didn’t and were given the date randomly by a consultant,’ Peaches added to Hello! magazine.

‘I was pretty amazed when I read it though, and had to smile. I couldn’t help feeling Mum must have had a hand in it.’

Peaches married Cohen, 22, last summer and gave birth to their now 13-month-old son Astala last April.Astala was also due on April 24 but as Peaches had a Caesarean, his birth date was brought forward.

‘It’s like mum was very determined that one of her grandsons would be born on her birthday,’ Peaches added.

Paula died from a drug overdose in 2000 when she was 41. Peaches was just 11.

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