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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

[Magazine] OK! Thailand August 2009

Source: 2oneday

We understand that everyone has so many questions they wish to ask the 7 fresh faces of the group 2PM. Unfortunately, they do not have a lot of time to meet with their Thai fans because they are promoting their 2 singles A&A and I Hate You; both songs have risen to number 1 on the hot music charts in Korea, earning them the triple crown for both. They are here to promote both singles in Thailand and OK! Magazine felt that we should ask these 7 handsome boys 100 questions for the fans. Now hurry and flip the page and see what they have to say…

(Park Jaebum)
Name(s) that 2PM calls him: Jay or Jaebum
Eyesight: Normal (*this was a weird question, haha*)
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 62 kg
3 words that describe you:active, hardworking, dancer
Q1 The time you feel the most sexiest: When I first get out of a shower
Q2 In order to look good like you: You have to exercise a lot
Q3 The best thing to hear about yourself when people speak of you: that I’m a good entertainer
Q4 The member that doesn’t really listen to you: Taec
Q5 The way to get him to listen: I threaten him haha haha i’m kidding
Q6 You feel the most irritated when the members: play around a little bit too much
Q7 Things you have to do before going on stage: relax, warm up my vocals
Q8 Things you have to do after being on stage: drink water
Q9 Put these in order of importance: friends, work, and love: love, friends, work
Q10 A girl that…is natural…fits my ideal type
Q11 Your first kiss: It was a long time ago, when I was still in school
Q12 Problems you have now: I don’t have any
Q13 If tomorrow the world ended: I would call my family
Q14 Something you would like to tell your interviewer right now: We are a group that is very focused, cute, and fun to be around.

(Hwang Chansung)
Name(s) that 2PM calls him: Chansung
Eyesight: Left 1.0 Right 1.0
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 78 kg
3 words that describe you: Magnae (youngest in the group), singer, entertainer
Q15 Thoughts before debuting: are people going to like us…
Q16 What makes you jealous of the other members: they all have something I don’t have
Q17 If there was no 2PM right now, what would you be doing: exercising (*huh?? haha*)
Q18 A secret of the group that only you know: uhh…
Q19 Favorite dish: I like to eat everything, keke
Q20 A dish that you can make really well: I’m best at making ramen noodles, keke
Q21 Something you cannot stand: unfairness
Q22 A bad habit you can’t seem to fix: my sleeping habits
Q23 You feel you look your best: when I’m performing on stage
Q24 Something you have to do before going to sleep: exercise…?
Q25 Your habits while sleeping: I move around a lot when i sleep, keke
Q26 The girl that made you fall in love: …I have never fallen in love
Q27 A habit of girls you don’t understand: why do girls like to put their hands near their mouth when they’re gonna take a picture keke
Q28 Right now you feel that you are: a weird person
Q29 If you were president, what would you want to change: I would want to change the rule where all men are forced into the military. I would make it an option for men if they wanted to volunteer in the army or not.

(Lee Junho)
Name(s) that 2PM calls him: Juse, Junho
Eyesight: Left 0.5 Right 0.8
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 68 kg
3 words that describe you: hardworking, dedicated, …
Q30 What you would like to say to the Thai fans: Sawadee Krub ^-^ (*hello in Thai*)
Q31 An ability you would like to copy: dancing
Q32 Something you think is important to you: my cell phone
Q33 The member that you call the most: I don’t call anyone in particular because we all call each other often already
Q34 Who uses a 2PM song as their ringtone: I was the first one!! keke
Q35 Something everyone says is bad but you think it’s OK: it depends on the situation
Q36 You believe that with all your heart that: Honesty will help you accomplish anything
Q37 A good quality about yourself: I have a lot of patience
Q38 A bad quality about yourself: I overthink things/think too much T_T
Q39 Something you don’t want to do at 2:00 PM: If it’s for the group, I will do anything
Q40 If you love a girl with all your heart: I will put all my emotions into it
Q41 How you would confess your love to a girl: I’d take her to a beautiful garden and just honestly tell her I love her. Is this good? keke
Q42 Who are you missing right now: my family
Q43 The hottest thing about yourself: my smiling eyes ^-^
Q44 A place you didn’t think you’d see your fan club but you did: in a bathroom in Korea!!
Q45 What you would like to say to those who call you Mini Rain: I think that lately people haven’t been thinking that I am a mini Rain anymore. Please look at me as Lee Junho of 2PM ^-^

(Kim Junsu)
Name(s) that 2PM calls him: Junsu, sometimes Du-Dung or Jun-K
Eyesight: Left 0.3 Right 0.1
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 69 kg
3 words that describe you: musician, artist, individual
Q46 The first thing you wanted to do when you came to Thailand: go to the hotel and drink Tang Mo Pun (*watermelon frappe*)
Q47 The best looking member in the group: Chansung because he has a good body and strong legs
Q48 Something you find strange about your fan club: that we have a lot of fans that continuously give us their support
Q49 Something that changed after you became a singer: I am on TV now and also I have to keep being more patient and dedicated
Q50 Who would you like to see the most: my friends
Q51 When you were little, you used to dream of becoming: a composer
Q52 Your proudest moment: being chosen to be in 2PM
Q53 You get angry when: people misunderstand something about me
Q54 Fashion that is hot in Korea at the moment: pants with 9 layers (*???*
Q55 Clothing that you would never ever wear: women’s shoes (?) keke
Q56 According to you, love is: when two people trust each other, understand each other, and give each other their all
Q57 If you were a girl, who’s girlfriend would you want to be in 2PM: I’d want to be with myself because I would take really good care of my girlfriend kekeke
Q58 Similarities between the Jun Brothers (Junho & Junsu): our fashion sense and our taste for music and composing
Q59 Differences between the Jun Brothers: hair, looks, body keke
Q60 & Q61 are cut off, sorry! =/

(Khun- Nichkhun Horvejkul)
Name(s) that 2PM calls him: Khun
Eyesight: a little bit far-sighted
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 65 kg
3 words that describe you: natural, responsible, dedicated
Q61 Recently you read a comment on the internet that: I sang better but still not good enough (I agree T_T)<– (*aww Khunnie, we think you’re amazing already!*)
Q62 Stories about you that aren’t true: that I’m a conceited person
Q63 Something you would like more than anything right now: success
Q64 Everytime you miss Thailand: I read Thai books
Q65 Aside from your family, you call: my manager
Q66 How much do you pay the phone bill: i’m not sure
Q67 Your proudest moment: being chosen to be in 2PM
Q68 The member that is the most distant: Junsu because he stays in his room composing music
Q69 You don’t understand why Koreans: smoke a lot
Q70 If there was a clone to be made of you: it will be scary
Q71 When…I go to work late…I feel like I don’t want to work anymore
Q72 Honestly, you don’t have time…to sleep…
Q73 Personality that you don’t like in a girl: selfishness
Q74 If you had a girlfriend: I will love her a lot
Q75 I want to tell…the fans…that…I love you because you all love me

(Ok Taecyeon)
Name(s) that 2PM calls him: Taec
Eyesight: it might be bad
Height: 185.4 cm
Weight: 78 kg
3 words that describe you: tall, polite, Taec
Q76 Member that you are closest to: All of them
Q77 A secret about them that you know: there aren’t any
Q78 Are you different from what people see: I don’t think so
Q79 The activity you want to do that defies gravity: Bungee Jumping
Q80 If Michael Jackson was still alive: It will be a very good thing
Q81 The kind of people you hate: liars
Q82 The body part of you think is the sexiest: my eyebrows?
Q83 The body part would you like to change the most: my hands
Q84 The kind of girl would your mom like you to date: a smart, nice, and cute girl
Q85 The age you want to get married: I’m not sure yet
Q86 According to you, 2PM is: family
Q87 What you would like to say to your fan club:I love you

(Jang Wooyoung)
Name(s) that 2PM calls him: WooDong
Eyesight: -3.0?!
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 69 kg
3 words that describe you: Jang-Woo-Young
Q88 Words you would not like to hear from the other members: that my face is swollen(chubby) T.T
Q89 The member who changed the most: Chansung because he went from having long hair to short
Q90 Something that made you cry: sad movies
Q91 Embarrassing moment: when my face is swollen(chubby)
Q92 Something you’d really like to do right now: listen to music
Q93 How people can tell when you’re angry: My face & way of speaking will change
Q94 Member you argue with the most: all of them
Q95 The good thing about having a thai member (Nichkhun): I get to learn more about Thailand
Q96 The amount of money you brought to Thailand : 220 baht (*thai currency*)
Q97 Amount you have left: 220 baht
Q98 The last time you honestly told someone you liked them: when I had my first kiss
Q99 How you feel about doing this interview in Thailand: it’s very fun
Q100 When people read this article they will think: I am a weird person

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