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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[Album Release] [DVD] 2PM 1st Music Video Collection & The History

Release Info
Korea’s favorite beast idols are heading to Japan! 2PM joins the influx of K-pop idols debuting in Japan, starting with this music video collection DVD which hits shelves two weeks before the Japan Edition of 01:59PM. The two-disc Hottest -2PM 1st Music Video Collection & The History- includes seven music videos and a history of 2PM feature.

First Press Limited Edition includes a bonus disc containing six CF music videos from 2PM’s Korea commercial endorsements. Limited Edition set comes in deluxe packaging with a photobook and a special photo card.

Disc 1
01. Without U (Music Video)
02. Heartbeat (Music Video)
03. Again&again (Music Video)
04. 10 out of 10 (10/10) (Music Video)
05. My life 4 U (Music Video)
06. I hate you (Music Video)
07. Candy in my ears (Music Video) (bonus track)
08. 2PM History -1st Contact Ver. 2PM HISTORY

Disc 2
01. Crazy 4 S part.2 (Music Video)
02. Nori for U (Music Video)
03. Fly to Seoul “Boom Boom Boom ” (Music Video)
04. Follow your soul (Music Video)
05. Crazy 4 S (Music Video)
06. My Color (Music Video)

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