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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cedar Point accident caused by boat malfunction: Seven hurt in water ride

Cedar Point accident caused by boat malfunction: Seven hurt in water ride

Cedar Point accident caused by boat malfunction: Seven hurt in water ride, A Cedar Point accident has shocked frequent visitors of the popular amusement park after a boat malfunction caused seven people to be injured on a Shoot the Rapids water ride, the Post reported this Saturday, July 20. The sudden accident at Cedar Point closed down the ride temporarily, and occurred this Friday after the guests on the boat were suddenly thrown back and injured as the vehicle dangerously flipped over.

The Cedar Point accident occurred early this weekend, scaring park goers and fans of the Shoot the Rapids water ride after the popular boat ride abruptly malfunctioned. While going upwards, the boat lurched, rolling back down the hill and then flipping over, seriously injuring the seven people that were in the boat at that point in time.

Cedar Point staff immediately shut down the ride and went to help the victims who’d been hurt in the Shoot the Rapids fall, said park officials. Witnesses said that the accident occurred on the very first hill in the water boat ride.

According to reports in the Cedar Point accident, both operators and medical personnel arrived on the scene to help fish the injured people out of the water, one of whom was allegedly trapped under the flipped boat for several minutes.

The Shoot the Rapids ride at Cedar Point will hereby be closed, concluded the report, until park officials determine the exact cause of the boat malfunction that led to the frightening fall. While rides are often shut down on almost a daily basis due to maintenance issues, having a ride actually leave a full seven people injured certainly seems cause for concern.

What’s your own take on the Cedar Point accident story? Have you ever been injured while on an amusement park ride? Please drop in with your own comments in the section below.

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