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Sunday, January 2, 2011

[Magazine] 2PM Vivi Magazine Interview


2PM's Personality Cosplay

Wooyoung: Chansung is like a "Beast", he's very ambitious when he plays video games. Sometimes he shouts, at that kind of time it's very scary!
Taecyeon: Junho is "Devil"?
Junho: If it's something I like, I'll will be determined to do it, to have it, and it would hurt others without a notice ... (laugh)
Chansung: Junsu is like "Rabbit", although he's the hyung, sometimes he's really cute!
Junsu: Thanks. I'll do my best to be a cute rabbit.
Junho: Taecyeon is good at cooking, so he's the best "Chef". His spicy ddokbboki is very delicious!
Taecyeon: Khun is the "Angel".
Junho: I think so too. It's like you can see the wings of an angel. Once he was writing notes while watching TV, I asked him what he was writing about, he shyly answered, "I'm noting down the phone number of the charity for children". I want to be like him, but I'm still at the working-hard stage (laugh)
Nichkhun: Wooyoung likes to help others, so he's the "Doctor"
Wooyoung: Totally agree with this character (laugh)

The Snacks You Like

Nichkhun: Because of training, we always eat bananas. But the truth is, I like strawberries better. I only eat strawberry-flavored sweets, jelly, chewing gums, etc.
Taecyeon: I don't like snacks. I'm the type who is full with just 2 meals. But I always drink soda.
Junsu: I like American sweet "Sour Patch". It tastes really sour. Speaking of snacks, Khun and I can't stop eating sweets like kids.
Wooyoung: I like eating snacks with chocolate. Because I've wasted energy during work, I'd need sugar supplement. But I have bananas for dieting purpose.
Junho: I really like melons, I like bananas too. I've eaten a lot of those during training times, my mouth is full of that kind of taste. What's surprising is that, I don't get tired of eating them.
Chansung: Because of exercises, sometimes we have the habit of measuring the calories, so we only eat food that our bodies need. Because bananas can balance the nutrients a body needs, so I always eat them before exercising!

The Body Part that I'm Most Satisfied With

Nichkhun - Palm
My body is not huge, so I like my arms better. In order to have muscles as beautiful as Bruce Lee's, I always use the dumbbells to make my muscles bigger. My plams are more rough, I'm proud of my manly palms!
Taecyeon - Muscles
I'm good at using the dumbbells. The reason why I like using it, is because it requires a huge strength to make me stronger. (laugh) I'm proud of my ears too. Others think my ears are very special, so I love my ears. (laugh)
Junho - Left Eye
When I smile, my eyes turn smaller. Others always say "They're so pretty. Looking like they're smiling." I don't understand why they would say so. Also, I'm proud of my butt! It's curvy. My members all agree. (laugh)
Junsu - Fingers
I think my hands are very small, but I've heard few times people saying my fingers are beautiful. Maybe due to such reason, during CFs, the fingers have more appearances than the face. (laugh) I hope my shoulders become wider, so i would look even manlier. I will therefore have more excercises on this.
Wooyoung - Thighs
Ever since I began playing soccer, I became confident with my thighs. The muscles of the thighs look beautiful when they're uplifted. Chansung always practices his muscles. If you look carefully, I believe you'd say my thighs are trained. Chansung also approves my thighs!
Since I always exercise for my muscles, my upper body is especially strong. Particularly, the breasts are thicker than anywhere else. As for the face, I'm confident of my eyes, sending messages through my eyes, and it's easy for me to take off contact lens. Although I am not confident that I can use my eyes to attract girls...

A Special Skill Just Like the Title of the Song, "10 out of 10"

Nichkhun - Piano
When I first learnt it, I was around 9-12 years old. When I began practising again, I was 17. I'm good at playing Yiruma's "Kiss The Rain".
Taecyeon - Diving
I can stay under water for a very long time. Once I was shooting under water, even though I was with a oxygen tank, I could stay under water for 7 hours. My teacher complimented, "7 hours is absolutely amazing." That's my "10 out of 10" skill.
Junsu - Singing
Ever since I was very small, I was always learnining how to sing. Maybe it's a bit higher than 6 points [T/N: refering to 10 out of 10]. Because of my throat infection, the performance of "Yuki no Hana" in Osaka was not good.
Wooyoung - Soccer
When I was young, I was good at soccer, I even participated in some matches. In high school, I was determined with the heart of learning how to dance, so my soccer skills is probably 5 points.
Junho - Acrobatics
Around 8 points. When we were making our new songs, my bones got hurt, it's such a shame. It's what needed in every song...
Chansung - Taekwondo
Because I learnt it when I was young, although I still practice it now, but some moves are not that well, so I give myself 6 points. But I really like it, if there's any chance I will still want to start practising.

Secrets of Living Together

Khun - Grandfather
Taecyeon - Dad
Junho - The Son who's in his puberty
Junsu - Uncle
Wooyoung - Mom
Chansung - Kid in kindergarten

Khun is the granddad who wakes everyone up and sometimes complains "The TV is too loud"
Taecyeon is the dad who only knows eating, sleeping and working.
Wooyoung is the perfect mother, particularly in charge of reminding everyone, "Don't forget to switch off the light", "Quickly, go to take a shower".
Junsu is the uncle who always says "Yeah" to let people notice his existence.
Junho is the son in his puberty, able to do things indepently. But since he's in his puberty, he's always worrying and taking everything in on his own.
Chansung is the kid in kindergarten who's tall but always playing tricks on people.
What a happy family!

The Exercise Method that you Recommend

Khun - Pushups
I'm thin so I don't do many running exercises, but am more focused on the muscles training. I recommend Vivi readers to do pushups. Doing 50s like me might be too much. But you can do 10s everytime, with 5 groups. When it first began, it'd be tiring, so you can try doing it with your knees touching the floor.
Taecyeon - Go to gym
Isn't going to the gym the best method to exercise? In the past, if there's no schedule, I would go there at night and do for around 2 hours. Using dumbbells helps shaping the muscles. But I seldom go there now, because I'm busy...
Junsu - Running shapes the muscles
For a certain time, I had a hell-like practice. 10 mins of running to practice the muscles, then another 40 mins of running. After a cup of coffee, I ran for 30 mins more. And I only eat chicken breast. My suggestion is to do so for 2 weeks to make you healthier. But this is hard to maintain...
Wooyoung - Strectching
My goal is to balance the muscles of the body, which is extremely important for break-dancing. Before taking a photoshoot, I would do pushups on the wall. But stretching is more suitable for girls, isn't it? If you do it with great effort, you will sweat. I think stretching is enough.
Junho - Pushups and Abdominal training
I usually do exercise that train the muscles, but since my backbone is injured, so now I replace it with running and walking instead. Personally, I like short-distance running. For suggestion, I'd recommend pushups and abdominal training, you don't need to be as hard-working as men, 10s per one day is fine. Do it everyday can help maintaining the body shape!
Chansung - Walk and Eat
My situation is for example, today is shoulders, tomorrow is breasts, day after tomorrow is the back, I train my muscles like this. But if I have to recommend a training method, it'd still be walking, everyday walk for around 15-20 mins. And eating, not to eat too much at once, eating every 2-3 hours would not be fattening.

Personal Item

Khun - English workbook
Taecyeon - Glasses
Junho - Japanese Basic Vocabulary
Wooyoung - Bag
Junsu - Earphones
Chansung - Hat

The Type of Girls you Like and Ways to Approach Her

Khun - Buy her coffee and then begin to talk
My ideal type is a cute and good-looking girl, when she smiles it's really beautiful, and she respects her parents. How to approach... For example in a coffee shop, I'd buy her something, asking, "What do you feel about a cup of coffe?", then through switching seats, I'd say "Can I sit here?", then we begin chatting.

Taecyeon - A meeting just like those in movies
Appearance matters, but the personality matters more. Hopefully it's not frivolous, the type that only have eyes for me would be the most perfect! If I met her in a hotel or classroom, I'll say "Oh, sorry!" like I'm in a movie. After that I'll sincerely say "Let me buy this dirty clothe".

Junsu - In my opinion, there's no tactic
My ideal type is girls who looks pretty when she smiles, girls who is intent about love. If I really fall in love with a person, I will directly ask "Sorry, I want to know your number. May I have it?" That's what I will say, no tactics. (All the members said this is too weak, too weak... This is too weak!)

Wooyoung - I like girl with good voice
I will be attracted by girls' voice. Nothing special really, it's okay as long as it feels right when we talk. If she has the voice I like, I'll go to a convenience store to buy both cold and hot coffee, hold her hand and ask, "which one do you like?". Then we will continue talking.

Junho - If I like her, I will not give up
She will be the one being chased after. I don't have any special standard for the appearance, but the type i like is ever-changing, but I'm nice (laugh) If I like her... In Korean, there's a phrase "If you have the heart, you will succeed". If she really is someone I like, I will not ever give up.

Chansung - Ideal type is girl with pretty eyes
Girls who like to talk. I like girls with eyes who make them seem kind-hearted, which means girls with pretty eyes. The method to approach her is to first ask, "What's your name?", "Where do you live?", "How old are you?", "Your eyes are gorgeous", etc. Lastly I would ask her numbers, that's the feeling of it. (laugh)

Their Allocation in the Dorm

Taecyeon & Junsu
Khun & Chansung
Wooyoung & Junho

Wooyoung and Chansung don't sleep in their rooms, but on the floor of the living room instead.
Sometimes in Khun's room, one will always find that it's full of a scent that makes the body relaxes.
There are too many stuff in Taecyeon and Junsu's room, it's impossible to place 2 beds, therefore they have bunk bed.
Taecyeon sleeps on the lower one, Junsu sleeps on the upper one. Taecyeon doesn't have his own space, but it's not a real big problem.

Their Views on Showering

We don't accept showering together (laugh)

Khun wakes up the earliest, he's the first to take a shower, then it's Wooyoung. After him, anyone left would wake up, finish showering and tell the next one to "Go showering!". But when we asked them if they'd shower together, they shouted loudly, "NO!!!!!!!! This does not happen".

Source: Translated by nat @ Wild2Day.org

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