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Friday, June 21, 2013

Beyonce second pregnancy rumors

Beyonce second pregnancy rumors, Is she or isn’t she? That’s the million dollar question. Rumors have be swirling for weeks that Beyoncé may be pregnant with her second child and the singer made a huge statement about the matter with her latest Tumblr post.

Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z have been dismissing rumors that they are pregnant with their second child. From Instagram messages to her Tumblr page, Queen Bey has released subtle hints that she’s not expecting, and now she is literally drinking the rumors away!

Bey’s Latest Tumblr Pic Dismissing Pregnancy Rumors

While on her world tour, Beyoncé has posted numerous pictures on her Tumblr page and some even indicate that the “Single Ladies” singer isn’t pregnant. On May 21, she posted a photo of a dinner menu that included tuna salad which experts say pregnant women should avoid because of the high levels of mercury.

On May 31, she posted a photo with Jay-Z sitting happily together while Bey drinks what appears to be a glass of wine. Any amount of alcohol is not allowed during pregnancy, so this photo is just another hint that Blue Ivy isn’t getting a little sister or brother in the near future.

A Long Line Of Denial From Queen Bey

Rumors began running rampant after Beyoncé canceled her concert in Antwerp, Belgium in early May due to exhaustion and dehydration. However, Beyoncé & co. soon began denying the gossip.

She posted an Instagram message on May 18 that said “all I can do is laugh” at the rumors. She looked super slim at her concert in Milan May 18 and her husband Jay-Z reportedly sent an email to NYC rap station Hot 97 saying she’s not pregnant.

Without coming right out and saying it, it looks like Beyoncé is really trying to tell us she isn’t expecting a second child!

What do YOU think about Beyoncé’s latest pregnancy denial pic? Do YOU think she is or isn’t pregnant? Tell us what you think!

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