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Friday, June 21, 2013

Clippers celtics trade

Clippers celtics trade, The NBA's Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics are talking trade – again. The talks focus on exchanging a head coach and potential Hall of Famer for up-and-coming talent, according to media reports Thursday,

Earlier this week, reports had Celtics general manager Danny Ainge in discussions with Clippers management concerning a possible trade of Boston head coach Glenn 'Doc' Rivers and power forward Kevin Garnett to Los Angeles.

In exchange, the Celtics were trying to land point guard Eric Bledsoe, center DeAndre Jordan, and a first round draft pick or picks. The Clippers were reportedly not interested in that particular deal.

Tuesday, Ainge told the Boston Globe trade talks were "dead."

When it comes to these two franchises dealing with one another, long-time Celtics and NBA observer Peter May wrote in the New York Times earlier this week:

"They once traded franchises. They took months to formalize what should have been a simple deal for Bill Walton. These teams just do not do the predictable when it comes to trades."

Now, apparently both parties have had a change of heart and are back at it, trying to find some middle ground so the main players (Rivers and Garnett) can move West. The deal could also affect Celtics small forward Paul Pierce, who has a buyout clause on his contract with one year left.

ESPN.com is now reporting that the C's and Clips would make two trades: Garnett, after waiving a no-trade clause, going to LA for Jordan. Then, the Clippers would send two draft picks to Boston for the Celtics to release Rivers from the final three years of his coaching contract. NBA officials are already on record as wanting to take a closer look at the two transactions.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Clippers guard Chris Paul inserted himself into the discussions and now a final decision on these potential deals rests with long-time Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Stay tuned.

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