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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

[Interview] 2PM Wooyoung @ NYLON Magazine April 2014


-       You’ve given a lot of ideas for today’s photo shoot. To the point that we’ve received several messages.
I gave it a lot of thought, because this pictorial was supposed to be shot with the “musicians I like”. So I made a few requests on this and that.

-       When you take a look at the list you have sent us, it is a lot harder to find a common point than one would think. Even if there were something in common, it is a rather unusual list.
Previously I had fixed boundaries of liking just ballads or just dance music, but these days it’s not like that. It may be hard to find a common ground, because I jotted down the names of the musicians that I usually like, listen often to or just get inspired by. Nevertheless, I couldn’t leave out anyone so I wrote down them all.

-       How many hours a day do you spend listening to the music?
It’s really hard to say the exact amount of time… but I put on some music when I wake up. I choose a type of music thinking “How would I like that kind of feeling today”. I put on some music, check out the day’s schedule and then go wash up. And when I go to the bathroom I listen to yet another type of music.

-       You have different type of songs for living-room and for the bathroom?
I put on some music in my own room as well, so there are different genres playing in three places. Hip-hop in my room, ballads in the bathroom and dance music in the living-room… I keep on playing music here and there.

-       If you listen to the music all day long there should also be time for silence, when is it for you?
If I can help it, I try not to listen to the music via ear-phones, because I can’t listen to the music for a long time through earphones. And when I listen to the music via stereo eventually I turn it off and just stay there quietly. I like the spaced out feeling you get after having listened to the music loudly. If I want to stay quiet, I’m usually like that very early in the morning or at night.

-       What did you listen to this morning?
It was Urban Zakapa’s song. Yesterday we were filming for MBC’s We Got Married (WGM), and once I got back I flopped down. You should at least wash up when you get back home, but I just fell asleep. Actually, I was supposed to wash up once I woke up, but I wanted to listen to Urban Zakapa’s song first so I put it on.

-       2 years ago you released a solo album and after that you began composing. Making music on your own and listening to other musician’s songs previously must feel really different, how really is it?
The way I treat music has definitely changed and I got to experience the agony of creation. I had once read an interview of Seo Taeji senior where he said that the pains of creating something is really hard, and now I grew to understand those words as well.

-       However, you keep on composing, because you are satisfied with it, right?
It’s not that I’m satisfied with it, but I’m rather delighted when someone listens to my music and likes it. So I’ve been somewhat worried lately about what kind of things I should do in between the music I like and the music general public likes.

-       What is the difference between the music you like and the music general public likes?
It’s hard to explain it all by the personal taste. Except that when I look at the songs the general public likes these days, I get to think that it may not be my own preference. What is more, my own personal taste keeps on changing, so it’s really hard to get a hold of the preference of a wide circle of general public. Therefore, I think a lot about preferences and talk a lot about it with producer hyungs I know.

-       Do you have your own way of studying composing?
I keep on asking questions and I always carry a small keyboard around, making something all of the time. Also I’ve acquired a habit of jotting down the feel of a moment. A song is not something you can just make once you have decided to; I’ve learned that it’s something you have to keep on preparing for all of the time.

-       When you released your 1st solo album 2 years ago, it did not have any song made by you.
It’s because back then it wasn’t the time to delve into composing in earnest.

-       As the time goes by, how would you evaluate your own solo release now?
Depending on who was listening to it the satisfaction may differ, but I am absolutely satisfied with it. I wasn’t aiming for the 1st spot on the charts. I think that the aim was achieved just by the fact that people grew to know that I began my solo activities. I would’ve been fine with the last place as well, but since I’ve imprinted the fact of solo activities in the people’s minds, thinking of that aim alone I think a rather satisfactory result was achieved. Because everyone knows I’ve come out solo, right?

-       When is the 2nd solo album going to be released?
I will definitely be released, but I don’t know the exact time yet. And the direction too. Time-wise, right now we have 2PM activities ahead of us, so the solo album might even get released after quite some time.

-       When will we be able to listen to 2PM’s new songs?
We’re filming a music video this weekend. And the activities should begin sometime around mid-April.

-       Can you tell us something about the mood of the new title song?
It’s a total “freako” concept. I guess you will get to see us really excited and going crazy.

-       Did Park Jinyoung produce the song this time as well?
No. This time the song’s been written by a foreign composer, and our member Minjun hyung produced the track. That’s because we asked the group members’ opinion on this.

-       Did you avoid Park Jinyoung’s producing on purpose?
It’s not exactly like that, but we did want to show a different image. To tell you the truth, the old 2PM went along just believing in Jinyoung hyung. If he said it was right we just practiced thinking it must’ve been right. We didn’t have any standard for 2PM’s music between the members; we thought it was good, because everything went well. Then slowly we grew to think that our album was no longer 10 points out of 10. There were such complaints. Jinyoung hyung has told us this once. The younger singers don’t say anything if things go well, but if things go wrong they turn their backs on him and it’s really hard for him. Afterwards we decided to be Jinyoung hyung’s reliable supporters, but eventually this time we received a song from a foreign composer and our member Minjun hyung ended up producing it.

-       Are your songs included in the new release?
I wanted so, but it was impossible this time. For a number of reasons…

-       You’re making a comeback after a long while. You must be excited and worried at the same time.
Indeed so. It took a while to choose a comeback song, because of all the worries. If you reach the so-called peak, of course, no one knows exactly where the peak is. But afterwards the aim you’re supposed to go towards gets really ambiguous. Whether you’re supposed to go down or up. No one knows just how much higher it is possible to rise.

-       There’s not much motivation?
Everyone had a hard time pinpointing our aim while preparing this album. We’re sort of supposed to do well, but we don’t really know what exactly we’re expected to do better. So we’ve kept on practising mind control, saying “We’re not a short 50m track sprinter, but a marathon runner”.

-       It’s not an easy thing for an idol singer team to go on like a marathon runner.
I’d like to work with 2PM for as long as possible. Actually, I like the phrase “Leave while they are still applauding”, but when you think of it, the phrase isn’t too realistic, now is it? I really wish 2PM would be constantly applauded for a very long time.

-       What are you worried about the most right now?
2PM. And me. I keep on looking for ways that would allow our team to keep on making something fresh and interesting, and for me – something that would help communicate with people better. Either way, right now the biggest worry is related to the oncoming comeback, because this market has changed quite a lot as well.

-       Is there a junior group you keep an eye on?
Everyone’s really good, but EXO catches the eye the most. They are good. Even though we’re senior artists, it’s really beautiful to see them work hard. The SM Company might be doing a good job too, but every single member is also working hard, and it looks like a well-made team. I’ve thought it would be great if they did well.

-       We really can’t skip the WGM that’s begun quite recently. How does it feel now that you’ve experienced the filming yourself?
Apart from the fact that it’s hard on my body, I like it all. After the filming that heaviness lasts for over a day. It’s both hard on my stamina and emotion-wise.

-       Emotion-wise?
It’s confusing. I don’t want to do anything by force, perhaps it’s because I wanted to speak and behave the way I felt like it, that quite often I get confused in reality.

-       A lot of people who participated in WGM expressed similar thoughts. Even if you don’t think much of it, it’s a program that you get absorbed in.
We have to focus on each and every filming, so sometimes I behave like she’s really my wife. And when we go back to the real life after filming, all my previous actions become fake so it’s confusing.

-       How similar are WGM’s Wooyoung and the real Wooyoung in a relationship?
I’m doing half of things I would do to a girl I consider a friend, and half of things I do to a girlfriend I love. This one time, I did something I do only to a girlfriend, so when I was monitoring the material I got really surprised. I was too embarrassed so I couldn’t watch it up until the 2nd episode, now I watch it all. But when I watch it, it feels like I’m seeing a person from the “Truman Show”. When I look at it objectively, I’m really surprised to see myself being so cautious.

-       You don’t like that kind of image?
It’s not good. Ever since I was a little kid I was obsessed with being polite and considerate to others, so I couldn’t properly do whatever I wanted. However, if you work in the music field, that kind of attitude is not very suitable. It hinders free thinking.

-       Is there something else that has changed since you’ve entered the music sphere?
I used to be a kid with really fixed notions, like “He’s smoking cigarettes so he must be bad”, but in reality cigarettes and impression have nothing in common. So I’ve realized that I was full of rigid prejudice. Also, I grew to enjoy such interviews like this. When you talk about things you’ve thought on your own with a journalist, you sort out your own thoughts. I also unconsciously discover something I couldn’t realize before.

-       Then is there something you’ve realized today as well?
Just now after the shooting, just like you’ve mentioned, I asked myself whether I’ve really matured that much within 2 years. Lately, no matter where I go, I always hear that I got a lot calmer, but I don’t even know the reason for it myself. Recently, I went to a drama audition, and the script writer was also like that: “Why are you so serious? If you were just a little bit cheekier you could absorb this character…” so I was told.

-       Perhaps it is so, because a lot of happened to 2PM?
I don’t know. There was no particular reason as to why I would mature up this much or why I should decide to become so relaxed.

-       On the other hand, isn’t it somewhat amazing how you’ve managed to live as a celebrity who is exposed 24 hours a day outside for almost 10 years without any special accident or rumour?
That’s right. All this time I was a little bit shrunk back. In other words – no fun. So in the future I intend to lead an interesting life. If it’s fun for me, I’ll be able to make enjoyable songs.

-       As expected, a person needs to rest a little bit. You’ve really matured a lot during that time.
Indeed. That’s why this period right before the beginning of our activities is really important to me. For the future… but as of now, I wish the level of maturity would just stop at that, because if you really grow up the world will probably get boring.

Credit: Scans & Transcript: MATLEJANG, Eng-Kor: egle0702 @ 2pmalways

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