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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

[News] 2PM, MBLAQ, Lee Seung Hwan - The Music Industry Needs To Prevent Fire Damage

The music world is suffering consequences for one fire accident after another. Recently several artists suffered damage due to fire, all before their comebacks. Because of such unexpected accidents, artists have had to change their promotion activities or delay their album releases.

Five-member boy group MBLAQ had been preparing to release their mini 6th album Broken when a fire broke out in the main stylist's office. Due to the fire, the group suffered a great loss; their costume attire for the music video had been damaged. MBLAQ revealed this news on the 24th at a press conference, and expressed their surprise at this unexpected accident.

Six-member boy group 2PM has been preparing for their April comeback. However, they also suffered losses due to recent fire damage. On March 15th the group was filming the music video for their new song when the set caught on fire.

The fire burned the outside wall of the set and the building, and damaged property as well. One firefighter commented, "A firecracker used for filming the music video exploded and caused the fire. There were no casualties."

Lee Seung Hwan will be releasing his 11th album Fall to Fly on the 26th. He was also involved in a fire on the 2nd at the Dream Factory studio.

His agency Dream Factory stated, "The fire was caused by a malfunction of the cooler inside. The mixing was delayed one day, but we will soon be resuming normal operation."

In the music industry it's been said that these sorts of accidents that happen in making of the album are signs that the album will do exceptionally well. Some actual agencies state this news directly by announcing it at a press release. However, experts are saying that although the damage might be minimal, that security measures should most definitely be taken.

There have been some big accidents due to unexpected fires. In April of 2012 hip hop group M.I.B and Lyn's stylist died because of fire in her workspace. In August that same year there was a fire at Psy's solo concert because of firecrackers at the show.

One music rep stated, "On-site staff members get nervous in dry weather when the fire risk is heightened. There's a myth that an album will do exceptionally well if there are power outages during recording, ghost spotting, or accidental fires, but one must be wary of blind faith."

Source: kpopstarz

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