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Saturday, January 21, 2012

[News] 2PM’s Junsu reveals his thoughts on his father’s death

On January 19th, 2PM's Junsu revealed his thoughts of his father's death on twitter, "My beloved father has unexpectedly passed away. My heart hurts so much. Please pray for my father to be resting in a better place."

On January 21st, Junsu further updated his twitter with messages for his father. Junsu wrote, "Please forgive me for not being there with you when you passed. I asked my father to wait for me to provide something better for him… I even made a promise with my dad just a few days ago that I will make that promise come true in March… I am very sorry father."

Junsu continued and thanked everyone who gave support, "To the people who left good wishes for my father, to the people who came to the funeral and sent in wreaths, to the people who stayed till the end, for making my father's path be less lonely, I am very grateful."

He continued, "Today, we held a funeral for my father at a temple my father used to frequent in Pal Gong Mountain, Dae Gu. I sincerely wish for my father to rest in peace. My heart hurts when I think about all the things that I couldn't do with my father. I love you. I'm sorry"

It was revealed on January 19th that Junsu's father suddenly passed away from a heart attack. The staff members from 2PM's agency JYP Entertainment along with the 2PM members headed off to Dae Gu to comfort Junsu regardless of the last minute circumstances.

It has been told that Junsu has received from comfort from support from his members and fans. On January 20th, fellow member Taecyeon wrote on his twitter, "Hottests all around the world, pray for Junsu."

Source: allkpop

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