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Monday, July 16, 2012

[News] 2PM’s Jang Woo Young Dated Behind JYP’s Back! RUH OH!

2PM’s Jang Woo Young revealed a deep dark secret. He has actually dated behind JYP’s back! The 2PM members like most of the JYP artists (other than the Wonder Girls) were not allowed to date as of yet.

Jang Woo Young made an appearance on the episode of “You and I” that was broadcast on July 15.

Lee Hyori asked Jang Woo Young, “I heard that you have been solo (single) since you were born.” Jang Woo Young joked, “I haven’t been solo (single) since I was born, I just came out as a solo artist.

Lee Hyori then asked Jang Woo Young, “What kind of women do you think are sexy?” He answered, “After working my ideal type of girl keeps disappearing. I like girls that can talk.

Jang Woo Young continued, “During my activities with 2PM I had a girlfriend. Why wouldn’t I have one? However it was not an upright relationship.

Then he ended with, “I think JYP might be shocked when he sees this broadcast.

For this episode of “You and I” Tiger JK and Lee Jaram also made appearances.

Source: soompi

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