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Friday, July 6, 2012

[Twitter] J.Y. Park and 2PM Wooyoung have a makgeolli date

2PM‘s Wooyoung recently shared a heartwarming photo taken with J.Y. Park.

On July 7th, the singer uploaded the photo above and left a message on Twitter that read, “Last night with the tranquil sound of rain… Makgeolli (Korean rice wine)… And green onion pancake… Jinyoung hyung and I shared a few interesting stories for the first time in a while and rooted for each other’s success! Keke.

In the photo, the two are seen each holding a bowl of makgeolli in hand as they smile for the camera. Fans left various comments such as, “It’s heartwarming seeing you two together“, and “Makgeolli is the best on rainy days“, “You two look like a father and a son.

J.Y. Park is eagerly waiting for the premiere of his upcoming film, ‘5 Million Dollar Man‘, which hits theaters on July 19th, while Wooyoung is scheduled to release his solo debut album, ‘23, Male, Single‘ on July 8th.

Source: Wooyoung’s Twitter via allkpop

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