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Monday, June 17, 2013

Brooke Breedwell mother "I want her to look like a Barbie doll.”

Brooke Breedwell mother "I want her to look like a Barbie doll.”By the time she was five, the pretty blonde had won 75 US pageant crowns.

But now at 22 she has a warning for the rising number of British mums being swept up in the child beauty pageant craze — don’t EVER let your youngsters be part of them.

Brooke was one of the biggest stars on the American pageant circuit. Yet in a heartbreaking interview she has admitted she wishes she had never been pushed into entering a single contest by her mum Pam.

She told The Sun: “Since I was three I was pressured by my mum to be perfect. But living up to her expectations was impossible.

“No child should ever be forced into a tanning bed when they’re just four or cry their eyes out because they’re forced to wear make-up.

“I cringe that I was once part of that crazy world and I resent my mum for pushing me so hard.
“If I could say anything to British mums who are thinking of doing to their daughters what my mum did to me, I would say never do it, as I hated every minute.”
Brooke, from Athens, Tennessee, is now a graduate student, with a full life in front of her. But she admits her childhood pageant experience has put her off ever becoming a mum herself.
At her first beauty competition at six months her mum paraded her proudly on stage, showing off her new dress and pretty blonde hair to the judges.

From then on Pam was hooked and by the time Brooke was three she had a full-time modelling coach and a singing teacher — though she had not even started school.

Brooke said: “If I wasn’t at a voice lesson or practising, I was at a pageant every day of the week.
“I had full choreographed songs and dances that I needed to do perfectly every time. I would practise at least one to two hours every day. On top of that we were constantly in the car, driving for hours between lessons and pageants.

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