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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dreyfoos bodies

Dreyfoos bodies, Dreyfoos School in Florida sparked a large police presence on Wednesday after numerous bodies were found, stunning the local community.

Dreyfoos School of the Arts was the scene of the horrific find, and as of yet the circumstances of the deaths have not been revealed.

Authorities have said that two bodies were found at the school. Also Palm Beach County School District spokesman Jason Shockley confirmed a school custodian was one of the two found.

The bodies were discovered at about 6.30 a.m. local time by employees at the school. West Palm Beach Police spokesman Capt. David Bernhardt has stated that an investigation is currently underway, but he offered no further details as to what the circumstances were behind the deaths, and also refused to confirm that the deaths were the result of homicide.

Bernhardt told local reporters: "It's an open death investigation … That way we're not limiting to ourselves what type of investigation we are doing. It could turn out to be a homicide investigation later on, it could just be a normal death investigation."

The spokesman also confirmed that the bodies had been found in a "maintenance or supply area of the school building" and had "not [been] found in a classroom."

He added that there was no clear visible cause of death from initial observations. A Dreyfoos School of the Arts graduate Matthew Baquero has commented to local media sources, "I can't believe this is happening at my school … this is stuff that you only see in the news like somewhere in Connecticut or in another state but I can't imagine this happening at my school right now."

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