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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gary Korkuc marinates cat

Gary Korkuc marinates cat, Gary Korkuc is most likely a huge pussy. But the smart money says a cat whisperer he is not. That's a safe bet because, in the sweltering heat of August, the 51-year-old Buffalo man was charged with being a culinary asshole to a nice kitty...

It was a routine traffic stop. Officers pulled over Korkuc's vehicle on a Sunday evening after he had failed to heed a stop sign. It was your usual license and registration situation until officers heard strange noises coming from the rear of the auto.

Is that a cat meowing? one of the policemen asked.

Upon popping the trunk open, officers found four-year-old Navarro the cat which "... appeared to be marinating in crushed red pepper, chili powder, salt and oil."

When asked about the cat, police said Korkuc told them he was planning to cook the feline because it had been "mean" to him.

Korkuc was booked with Aggravated Animal Cruelty and later released.

Meanwhile, Navarro was whisked off to the nearby Erie County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shelter -- ironically the very same facility where, just a few months earlier, Korkuc had adopted him.

In the aftermath of his arrest, as every online animal lover in America cast electronic hate in his direction, Korkuc continued to dig himself a weird hole during interviews.

To news station WGRZ, Korkuc tried to worm out of the bad PR situation he found himself in by saying Navarro had been pregnant and miscarried and really wasn't marinating in a stew of tasty spices. Korkuc's claim came despite the fact his former pet was a neutered male.

Korkuc would go on to make more bizarre statements -- i.e., Navarro had been previously poisoned with DDT, the vicious pesticide which has been banned for almost four decades.

Within days of the incident, Navarro would find a loving new owner in Vicki Dankowski who would rename him "Oliver."

"Navarro spent last night curled up on a bed in his wonderful, new home," read a statement on the SPCA's website shortly after Oliver was cozy at Dankowski's digs.

A similar happy ending cannot be said for Korkuc.

He failed to show up for a scheduled appearance in Buffalo City Court. A non-appearance bench warrant has since been issued.

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