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Monday, June 17, 2013

Leyla Ghobadi latest celeb 'other woman'; can she cash in on infamy?

Leyla Ghobadi latest celeb 'other woman'; can she cash in on infamy?, The Canadian model did an interview with Star magazine claiming to have slept with Kanye West twice since he has been with Kim Kardashian, once while Kardashian was pregnant.

True or not, it means the clock is ticking on Ghobadi's 15 minutes of fame. So if she wants to cash in, she had better do it soon because when the hype dies down and the media moves on, most infamous other women find themselves high and dry.

Typically, the ‘careers’ for Hollywood mistresses are short-lived. More often than not the mistresses disappear once the press does. America really rallies behind the scorned woman more these days – as was seen in cases like Sandra Bullock and Eva Longoria,” talent agent Alec Shankman told FOX411's Pop Tarts column. “Between Jesse James and Tiger Woods alone, we had upwards of dozens of mistresses involved, yet no one is really talking about any of them anymore.”

Just ask Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

More than three years after tattooed stripper McGee was exposed as the mistress of television personality Jesse James, who was married to Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock, she is still trying to trade off the scandal.
“It’s time to reveal the scandalous return of Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee – only this time it has nothing to do with a celebrity breakup! The tattooed vixen stars in ‘Nazithon: Decadence and Destruction’ premiering on Full Moon’s GrindHouseFlix,” boasted a recent press release. “’Nazithon’ brings together the infamous tattooed mistress and gay rugby icon, Ian Roberts, to host a truly mind-blowing compilation cinema’s best Nazi exploitation films.”
While McGee’s options may be limited – she has "pray for the sinner" tattooed across her forehead – others with a little more mainstream aesthetic still have a tough road.

“It really depends who they are and how they come across to the public, as well as how big – and how well liked – a name the married man was that they had an affair with,” said Sarah Symonds, author of “A Handbook for the Other Woman,” and founder of Mistresses Anonymous, a group she started long before her alleged years-long affair with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey hit headlines in 2008. (He denied the affair.)
“I wasn’t looking for any hype, but generally, the opportunities for these women are rare and short-lived," Symonds said. "So any mistress planning to expose a married man should also have a Plan B as a career.”
Several infamous mistresses have indeed put Plan B’s into action, with varying success.

Ashley Dupre

Ashley Dupre tried to capitalize on her “Kristen” call girl status following an explosive liaison with married New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Just after the New York Times published its profile of the high-end escort in 2008, her single “Move Ya Body” set a record for how quickly it dictated a top price on music download website AmieStreet.com, reaching the maximum $.98 in just five hours. Another single “What We Want” was reportedly played over 3 million times amid news of the Spitzer saga, earning Dupre as much as $1.4 million from download sales in a few days.

Dupre kept her momentum going enough to earn a spot on the VH1 reality series “Famous Food” in 2011. She also scored herself a cover spread in Playboy magazine, became a sex columnist for the New York Post. She later joined forces with HarperCollins to publish the e-book “Tricks of the Trade: Advice on Sex, Love and Lust from the Column by America's Most Famous Former Escort.”
Dupre, who also opened a New Jersey-based swimwear/lingerie store Femme by Ashley, recently gave birth to a baby girl and is engaged to asphalt scion Thomas “TJ” Earle.

Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel was considered Tiger Woods’s “number one” (of many) go-to girls after the golfer’s indiscretions were uncovered in 2009. The former VIP hostess signed a $10 million confidentiality settlement, but reportedly had to return the big bucks due to a violation after she appeared on “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.” She lingered in the limelight, but fell off the Tinseltown radar when she got married in 2011 and gave birth a year ago. But on Tuesday, Uchitel found herself back in the news after her husband, businessman and former Penn State football player Matt Hahn, filed for divorce “citing "cruel and inhumane treatment."
Plan C?

Oksana Grigorieva

Mel Gibson’s baby mama musician Oksana Grigorieva utilized her famous connection to further her entertainment endeavors with the 2009 album “Beautiful Heartache,” executive produced by Gibson. However, these days Grigorieva is better known as the subject behind an array of the actor’s profanity-laced rants, legal proceedings and acrimony. In December, it was reported that the Russian beauty was pursuing a career in hip hop and dance music.

Monica Lewinsky

The former White House intern hooked up with President Bill Clinton several times between November 1995 and March 1997. Following his impeachment hearings in 1999, Lewinsky published a tell-all book with Andrew Morton, designed her own handbag line under the company name The Real Monica, Inc., inked a lucrative deal with Jenny Craig, became a socialite on the A-list Manhattan scene, was a news correspondent in England, and then a reality television host.
In 2006, Lewinsky retreated to London to go back to school, and has since been fallen off the radar. But that could change soon. In interviews with David Letterman and Entertainment Tonight last month, Barbara Walters – who is retiring next year – said she would love to interview Lewinsky again in her final show. Walters’ original interview with the infamous intern for ABC’s 20/20 in 1999 is still the highest-rated TV interview of all-time, viewed by more than 74 million Americans.

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