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Monday, June 17, 2013

Michigan grandmother hid in grandson's diaper

Michigan grandmother hid in grandson's diaper,  A Montcalm grandmother and her boyfriend are among five adults charged in connection with a meth bust last Wednesday. A grandson present at the time of the drug raid was found with drugs in his diaper later.

Members of the Central Michigan Enforcement Team raided the Sidney home, finding meth and equipment to make it in the house and in a van parked in the driveway.

Lorri Compo's grandson, Steven Rish Jr., who is almost age 1, was removed from the home and placed in custody of Child Protective Services at the time of the raid.

Roman Sobie is incarcerated in the Montcalm County Jail in lieu of a $10,000.00 cash or surety bond. He was arraigned last week on a separate charge of possession of cocaine, according to State Police records.

Lorri Compo is in the Montcalm County Jail in lieu of a $25,000.00 cash or surety bond. She was arraigned last week on use of cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstacy charges and maintaining a drug house.

Katrina Compo is Lorri's daughter and the grandson's mother. She contacted 24 Hour News 8 on Monday evening, wanting to set the record straight.

She lives with her mother and Sobie in the Sidney home. On Wednesday, she had left her son Steven with his grandmother. Katrina Compo said she had no idea drugs were being made or used in the home.

She arrived back home shortly before the enforcement team raided the residence. And she couldn't prevent Steven from being handed over to Child Protective Services.

The child was tested for drugs, Katrina Compo said. Then, he was picked up by his paternal grandmother.

That grandmother was changing Steven and discovered a plastic bag of meth in his diaper. Family members believe one of the five adults busted for drugs Wednesday might have placed the meth inside the baby's rectum to hide the evidence.

Katrina Compo said she believes the meth could have been put there when she answered the door, right before the raid. It could have been Sobie, she added. But exactly where the drugs were placed is unknown. The meth could have been put inside the diaper or inside the child.

She said she can't believe the people she trusted the most would endanger Steven.

"If it weren't for my brother, I'd have nowhere to go, no one to trust," Katrina Compo said. "It's so hard. The fact that my parents would do something like that, that's so selfish - that could have killed my son. Something that could have put us out on the street with nowhere to go, that's just wrong."

Katrina Compo said she has taken and passed a drug test, and is working to regain custody of Steven. She is planning to see him Wednesday, which is his first birthday.

Neighbor Zach Rydahl watched the bust from his home across the street.

"It was a little disturbing, I guess, seeing it like, right that close," he said. "If something did go down, we're like, in range of everything."

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