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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Princess Diana Movie Trailer

Princess Diana Movie Trailer, The late Princess Diana was one of the most famous, admired, and recognizable women of the 20th century, and any actress who agrees to play her on screen has set herself up for a tremendous challenge.
Naomi Watts was willing to take on the task of playing Diana in an eagerly awaited biopic, and now the first trailer for the aptly-named "Diana" has been released (see below). It offers our first look at a what's certain to be one of the most talked-about movies of the year, as well as allows us to see Watts in action as Diana.

The minute-long preview teases the viewer, playing a full 30 seconds before we see Watt's face as Diana. In the first half of the preview, we follow the public Diana, walking the red carpet at an event and being greeted by adoring throngs of fans and paparazzi.

It's after we finally see Watts's face, framed by Diana's trademark hairstyle, that we get a glimpse of the princess who was also a humanitarian, joining a charitable mission in the third world and taking part in a crusade against land mines. At 40 seconds in, Diana is shown the infamous Daily Mirror paparazzi shots that captured her on board a yacht with her lover, and we're witnesses to Diana's turmoil as the world begins to turn against her.

We never hear Diana (or any of the other characters) speak in the trailer, so there's no way to tell how well Watts handles Diana's voice. However, while Watts's physical transformation into Diana is subtle, in this footage she manages to evoke the glamor and the humanity of the complicated figure, as well as the private emotional ups and downs she was forced to disguise before her public.

"Diana" tells the story of the final two years in the life of Princess Diana's life, as her marriage to Prince Charles collapsed and she found love in a secret relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan (played by Naveen Andrews from "Lost").

Told from the point of view of her bodyguard, "Diana" was directed by German filmmaker Oliver Hirschbiegel, best known for "The Invasion" and "Downfall," and written by playwright Stephen Jeffreys.

"Diana" is slated to open in Great Britain in September and sometime this year in the States. And people are already buzzing on Watts's performance, saying it will be a shoo-in during next year's awards season.

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