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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Swizz Beatz Damien Hirst

Swizz Beatz Damien Hirst, In a recent interview, super-producer/NYU professor/art collector and artist Swizz Beatz took the time out to discuss his collaboration with Fine Artist Damien Hirst and his burgeoning desire to open an international gallery space.

Swizz Beatz wasn't kidding when he suggested he would be higher on the Forbes magazine's Hip-Hop Cash Kings list next time around. Spending time with arguably Britain's richest living artist, Damien Hirst,definitely helps. Late last month Swizz Beatz shared a photo on Instagram of him working on a spin painting with Hirst, staying mum on the details at the request of the artist.

One can only imagine what might come from the collaboration in the future. In the interview with Complex, the Bronx native also goes on to mention his desire to open an international gallery space, which stems from meeting so many talented artists in his journeys.

"While I've been traveling, I've seen so many new artists.," said Swizz. "There are too many names to even mention. I've seen so many talented artists, and I just thought to myself, 'Man, nobody knows about this kid right here in Korea, in this back loft. It's like he's the next Warhol. How can the world see this stuff that I'm witnessing right now?' He goes on to say that he doesn't plan on opening the gallery any time soon stating that it needs to be an experience comparable to the Cirque du Soleil.

Taking up the mantle as art ambassador to Hip-Hop, Swizz Beatz also invests his resources at a Bronx charter school for the Arts and even spends time at auctions with the likes of Carmelo Anthony and Tommy Hilfiger. With such a diverse portfolio, Swizz Beatz is definitely should be moving up on that Forbes list.

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