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Friday, June 14, 2013

The ultimate Father's Day menu plan

The ultimate Father's Day menu plan - Father's Day Menu: What Dad Really Wants to Eat, The best kind of Father's Day feast doesn't require a tie, valet parking, or a tip. This steakhouse-inspired meal gets a lift from fresh summer flavors and is as close as the backyard, where seating is ample (hammock, lawn chairs) and the after-dinner entertainment, free (sunset, cicadas). Besides, the sizzle of ribeye on the grill, sweet corn on the cob, and an over-the-top but easy homemade dessert say, "love ya," louder than any restaurant reservation ever could.

Really want to get dad smiling from the get-go at this Father's Day feast? Serve him a bourbon-based cocktail. Dad more of a beer guy? Hand him a michelada while you man the grill.

Perfect Grilled Steak 
Get this right, and you'll know how to make the most impressive summer dinner there is. The thick cut of a ribeye will develop a nice crust while still staying pink inside. If you really want to gild the lily, serve with a chimichurri-inspired parsley-garlic sauce, or compound butter.

What Dad Wants to Drink 
We turned to Dan Altman, owner of Argovino.com, for a wine recommendation. "For a celebration you'll probably want a generous wine with layers of flavor that dad can enjoy all evening long. With a ribeye steak, I'd recommend wines that offer a burst of deep, dark flavors up front and then reveal subtler notes as the meal continues, just like the steak itself. The 2005 Weinert Cabernet Sauvignon ($20) spent three years in oak barrels developing those flavors and even longer in the bottle. A crowd-pleasing alternative is the Don Tiburcio 2009 from Benegas ($10), which is a rich and accessible Bordeaux-style blend of malbec, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, petit verdot, and merlot."

Mixed Tomato Salad 
We love an old-school steakhouse salad of thickly-sliced tomato and white onion. This version tips its hat to the classic but gets a fresh, seasonal upgrade with peppery arugula and a rainbow of in-season tomatoes.

Potato Salad with Sour Cream and Scallions 
While the rest of the meal is on the grill, toss together this cool salad inspired by the loaded steakhouse baked potato (bacon bits, sour cream, and all).

Butterscotch Banana Splits 
For the grand finale, few things could be as delightful or celebratory as a towering banana split. Easy homemade butterscotch makes it extra-special.

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