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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Woman carjacker

Woman carjacker, A woman fought a carjacker after the man got in her car holding her and her two children at knifepoint. This mom was not about to let anything happen to her kids, so she did what she had to do. The mom of six fought back. The violent fight continued as this mom was driving the vehicle, but once the carjacker exited the car, the mom ran him over, according to Fox News live on Monday June 17, 2013.

According to the Gawker on Sunday, Dorothy Baker-Flugence came out of a Baytown, Texas CVS with two of her children. She found Ismael Martinez inside her minivan holding a knife, he grabbed her son and was holding a knife on him. He demanded that she drive him to the nearest ATM. Baker-Flugence started to drive, but she immediately fought back and grabbed a hold of the knife. She got the knife away from the man, but not without first getting cut in the chest and bit on her hand.

This fighting continued while she was driving. The mom of six intentionally tried to confuse the carjacker and drove off the road and then back onto to road. She finally sped toward a telephone pole she saw in the distance.

The carjacker was not wearing a seatbelt and she hoped if she hit a pole, she'd put him through the windshield. Baker-Flugences said, “That's all I was thinking of really, was just to get him away from my kids.”

Once hitting the pole, she punched the carjacker in the face, this was the blow that sent Martinez fleeing the car. As he ran off, she put the car in drive and gunned it, running the carjacker over.

“I didn't mean to run him over, I was just trying to stop him so he didn't hurt anyone else,” said the mom.

She stopped him alright, he is alive, but in the hospital with serious injuries. Although Baker Flugence suffered minor injuries, she was OK, but what mattered most of all to this mother of six was that the two kids she had with her were unharmed.

Once Martinez, who's expected to recover from his injuries, is released, he is expected to face felony charges. Baker-Flugence's final words to the carjacker were, “(he) messed with the wrong witch.”

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