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Monday, June 17, 2013

WWE Payback results

WWE Payback results, After an awesome back-and-forth match, Chris Jericho was defeated by the returning CM Punk. Jericho looked to have had Punk beat on numerous occasions, but the Second City Saint came out victorious.

With only one pay-per-view win in 2013, Jericho’s latest run wouldn't be labeled a success.

However, on a larger scale, I think it has been. He made a huge return at the Royal Rumble, took part in an Elimination Chamber match and helped make Fandango a star at WrestleMania. He’s also tangled with The Shield and Curtis Axel. Overall, it looks like he's having fun.

After his most recent loss, what can we expect next for the Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla?

Jericho could participate in one of the Money in the Bank ladder matches, a concept he introduced to then-GM Eric Bischoff back in 2005.

Though he might not win a briefcase, Jericho can still compete at the highest level possible and provide the WWE Universe with some jaw-dropping moments.

Since Fozzy begins touring in a few weeks, WWE shouldn't put Jericho in a long-term feud. The Money in the Bank match would get him on the card before he leaves and misses SummerSlam.

If WWE wants to use the Money in the Bank matches for younger talent, Jericho could feud with the new World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio.

It looks like WWE is going with a double turn between Dolph Ziggler and Del Rio. Ziggler will most likely get a rematch. After that, though, Jericho could be next in line. Despite all of the losses, Jericho is still a legitimate title contender.

A new heel champion needs new challengers, and a Jericho vs. Del Rio match isn't something we have seen before.

Unfortunately, I don't see that happening at this point in Jericho's career. There is one last thing Jericho can do and that is continue his work with the up-and-coming Superstars.

His feud with Fandango doesn't seem to be over. That series is tied at 1-1. He also suffered a loss at the hands of Curtis Axel and should look to get his revenge.

There is another rookie who has yet to debut and with whom Jericho could feud: Bray Wyatt. The veteran has feuded with a trio before and could feud with the incoming Wyatt Family.

Jericho still has some name value within the WWE based on his legacy. He could easily hold the world title again, but staying as a stepping stone for the young stars is what's best for everyone.

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