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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

McDonald's Monopoly: Free gas, $10,000 cash, more in Monopoly prizes are back

McDonald's Monopoly: Free gas, $10,000 cash, more in Monopoly prizes are back, McDonald's Monopoly is back, and there are some great prizes to win this year with McDonald’s yearly Monopoly special sweepstakes for players, from free gas for a year to $10,000 or more in cash. Of course, Yahoo! reported this Tuesday, July 16, for math-minded eaters of the fast food chain’s tasty French fries and burgers, they know that the odds of winning such a lucky piece are slim.

McDonald's Monopoly fans can follow along with the stats-based game by following lottery probabilities. The Monopoly lottery comes into play once again this year like last time — featuring plane tickets for two, free gas, or cash prizes — when guests at McDonald’s choose some of the special game pieces on the stamps of the menu items, including large drinks and fry orders.

The McDonald’s peel-it-and-win stickers can mean a free prize right away (the most common being free food, particularly a free medium-sized French fries order) or a game piece on the Monopoly board.

Here are some of the basic Monopoly stats at McDonald’s:

• There are approximately 602,490,060 game pieces in play.
• This means that there are 1.2 billion game stamps, or individual attempts at victory.
• There are 135,540,995 food prizes
• There are 15,838,729 instant win prizes.

Of course, here’s the odds of winning that free gas for a year, or plane tickets, nice cars, or $10,000 cash prize:

So here are the only game pieces that are actually very valuable. Don't trade these away:
• BROWN: Mediterranean Ave, odds 1 in 30 million wins $1,000.
• LIGHT BLUE: Vermont Ave, odds 1 in 40 million, wins $5,000.
• PINK: Virginia Ave, odds 1 in 200 million, wins $10,000
• ORANGE: Tennessee Ave, odds 1 in 602 million, wins Super Bowl tickets.
• RED: Kentucky Ave, odds 1 in 15 million, wins one of 40 plane tickets for two.
• YELLOW: Ventnor Ave, odds 1 in 300 million, wins $20,000
• GREEN: Pennsylvania Ave, odds 1 in 40 million, wins one of 15 Fiat cars.
• BLUE: Boardwalk, 1 in 600 million, wins $1,000,000 in $50,000 annual payments.
• RAILROADS: Short Line railroad, 1 in 150 million, wins a year's supply of gas.

It’s always fun to play, but for McDonald’s Monopoly fans, most will simply enjoy a good meal and free menu item on occasion.

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