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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ron howard net worth

Ron howard net worth, Ronald William Howard, better known as Ron Howard, is an American film producer and director. As a child, he gained recognition performing as Opie Taylor in situation comedy The Andy Griffith Show. Ronald went on to appear Happy Days and featured in such movies as American Graffiti,

The Shootist and The Music Man. In the late 1970s Howard quit his acting career and debuted as a film director with comedy Grand Theft Auto. During his career Ronald has worked on a number of award winning movies, including Beautiful Mind, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Apollo 13 and Cocoon. For his life work and and indescribable input into the film industry Ronald received the National Medal of Arts.
As for today, Ron Howard net worth is estimated at $140 million.

Ron was born in Oklahoma, in a family of two acclaimed actors, Jean Speegle and Rance Howard (earlier Neckenholdt). His parents have appeared in a number of movies directed by Ronald. For example, Jean portrayed James Lovell’s mother in a blockbuster Apollo 13.

It was one of her last talking roles as Ron’s mother died in 2000. His father Rance appeared in a minor roles on plenty of Ron’s movies, such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas (as the elderly time keeper), The Missing (as the telegraph operator) and Angels & Demons (as Cardinal Beck). Ronald’s younger brother, Clint Howard, is also an actor. He filmed for television series The Street of San Francisco, Night Gallery, The Virgin and Breaking Point. He has recently appeared in an award winning independent horror movie Nobody Gets Out Alive. Despite the relative professional success, Clint’s fortune never came close to Ron Howard net worth.

Ronald’s first television appearance was in the 1950s movie The Journey. He later appeared in the minor roles on The Twilight Zone and The Manny Loves of Dobie Gills. In 1973 Ron was cats for the legendary George Lucas movie American Graffiti. During the rest of decade the kid did not have any trouble landing roles and Ron Howard net worth was growing in speed unimaginable for most of the other teenagers. Despite that, Ronald did not see himself as an actor and in 1980 decided to quit filming once and for all. His directorial debut, Grand Theft Auto, was build on a budget of some $600 thousand and grossed over $15 million.

What about his personal life? In mid 1970s Ron married his high-school sweetheart and a long time girlfriend, Cheryl Alley. In 1981 Cheryl gave birth to Bryce Dallas Howard. The twins Paige and Jocelyn Carlyle Howard were born four years later. All of Ronald’s daughters are aspiring actresses, but Bryce stands out as the most successful of them. She filmed appeared in a block buster The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Breaking Down-Part 2 as Victoria. Although Bryce’s fortune remains significantly lower than Ron Howard net worth, his daughter holds $9.5 million and gets richer every year.

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