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Friday, December 2, 2011

[Entertainment][ENG] Kop Star Show Audition : 2PM & Wonder Girls Message

English Translation

Chan: If you look at the judging panel,
you know that this is no joke..LOL
The judges can be sharp-tongued at times,
but they're really good people that know how to embrace warmly
For that reason, I have high hopes for this show~
First thing they look for is potential! And secondly, passion!
It's true you have to give your all to the competition,
but then again it's not like your whole life depends on it
I believe you'll get good results if you do your best out there
The auditions to discover true talent! K-Pop Star, hwaiting!

Junsu: When I heard the news, I thought, 'wow, it's gonna be huge~'
I think the judges are very good at pointing out weeknesses,
even if it can be hard to swallow sometimes
I think you'll go far in the competition if you are able to show how hot your passion is
K-Pop Star, show us that passion~

Junho: Check your dream out! K-Pop Star, hwaiting!

Taec: No matter how good or bad your skills are,
you got to believe that you are the best on the stage
I think that's the most important thing
Search for new future star! K-Pop Star!

Khun: When I first heard about the show, I felt it's gonna be a really good, must-see program
I'm very much looking forward to it
Who's next K-pop star?

Wooyoung: It's the best! Wow~
This is the best audition show ever!

Source: Rangkat @2pmalways

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