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Saturday, December 10, 2011

[News] Taecyeon Interview in Dankook University Magazine

Q: what university life is bad?
A: The activities of life in the entertainment industry together and I really do not schedule make it difficult to study. I have my friends at university. If you have friends who know about the university. We know good food around.University would know. I want to spend more time with them at the university and I want to enjoy some freedom.And if the younger generation love with it when I was a junior college, then to me “I model my brother,” was cute and very good. I want to try a pair. Look at my University. But it would be possible (laughs).

Q: When I recently filmed an ad promoting the university is not it?
A: Once a month ago. The promotional video was shot. To get the younger generation was not a single shot by another member of PMD, it feels strange. But it was fun to do now is to keep the atmosphere is not uncommon. It seems to be making out well. I have no problems. I stayed for about two years because of academic activities in the entertainment industry. We feel that it is time to be able to stay with friends. Before returning to school again.

Q: What do I do?
A: This is the Asian Tour and Japan filming the Me & My star 99 days to leave the country because it often. If no schedule is that the Plan will come into school and spend time with my friends. 

August through the Park Taecyeon filmed promotional videos. Pressure Cook University, conducted by University students living in the background. Location filming. Taecyeon to talk openly with my friends. Students and take pictures with each person. It also assumes the role of someone fun with a rough plan that Taecyeon will promote singing in the video. That do not exist. Even with a busy schedule. But where there is no action scheduled Taecyeon the University. It is the life of a shame, but I learned many things from his efforts are not ignored. The main function of the entertainment and students.

Source: 2pmalways

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