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Saturday, December 31, 2011

[News] 2PM tweets New Year’s greetings + pokes fun at their performance on ‘MBC Gayo Daejaejun’

Although 2PM put on a spectacular performance last night at the '2011 MBC Gayo Daejaejun', fans had a hard time seeing them due to the giant balls that somehow made their way onto the stage.

The balls were used as props for the "Hands Up" performance, but instead of traveling around the stadium, the balls were all passed to the front and right into the middle of the stage, covering 2PM's performance from view.

Because the balls had all migrated to the center of the stage much faster than anyone had expected, the staff had to go on stage to kick the balls out of the way in the midst of the group's performance.

After the end of the show, 2PM left New Year's greetings on their Twitter and wittily incorporated the word "gohng" (the word for "ball", with other meanings such as "zero", "distinction", "labor" in Korean) into their messages as much as possible, as if to joke about the mishap during their performance.

Nickhun tweeted, "Everyone!!!! Hope you receive much distinction ["GOHNG"] in the New Year!!!!!!!! Be successful in the year of Two Zero ["GOHNG"] One Two!!!!"

Junho wrote, "Happy New Year ^^! You are the main character ["joo-in-GOHNG"]!! We put in much labor ["GOHNG"] into our performance ["GOHNG-yeon"] today ^^… 2012 Fighting!! Thank you to the staff for working so hard for the year-end!!"

Chansung also followed, "Everyone, it's now a new year!! When I reflect on 2011 which has passed in the blink of an eye, I think a lot about the person I had been. ^^… You are the main character ["joo-in-GOHNG"] of 2012 ^^ You all saw our stage that we put in much labor["GOHNG"] into today, right?? Happy New Year ^^~~"

Taecyeon chimed in, "Everyone~ did you enjoy classic "Hands Up" and "Back To You"? A surprise even the main characters ["joo-in-GOHNG"] were surprised by!!… It is now 2 zero ["GOHNG"] 12!! Since our performance which we have put in so much labor ["GOHNG"] has ended, for all those people who worked hard today, Happy New Year~"

Source: allkpop

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