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Friday, February 17, 2012

[News] 2PM’s Junho visits Ethiopia for ‘Global Share Project’

2PM's Junho recently traveled to Ethiopia to do some charity work.

On February 15th, Humanitarian Organization World Vision reported that they have launched 'Global Share Project' in collaboration with EBS.

2PM's Junho was selected as the first person to volunteer with 'Global Share Project' and sacrificed his first vacation in four years since his debut. He opted to travel to Ethiopia last month to spend some meaningful time with the locals.

Junho met with patients suffering from 'elephantitis', a rare from of skin disease and delightfully sang and danced with them. Junho has also been secretly supporting a child in Ethiopia who he got to meet in person, even presenting his adopted child a special gift.

Other than Junho, there were also a number of Indie bands from the Hongdae area who visited Zambia, Africa. Harim, Attic Moonlight, and more sang songs for children suffering from polio and malnutrition, planting some hope into their hearts. They also sang a song which they personally wrote and composed for the children, touching the hearts of the local people.

The first episode of Junho's Ethiopia visit will air via EBS on February 27th at 10:40PM KST.

Source: allkpop

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