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Thursday, April 19, 2012

[News] J.Y. Park reveals more details on his solo album

Earlier this week, we reported that J.Y. Park would soon be making his solo singer comeback.

On April 19th, J.Y. Park revealed more details on his album through his me2day. He stated,

"Wonder Girls' US album is finished and their Korean album title track has been unanimously passed! It's been hard waiting for 2PM's upcoming album in the fall huh?  I've prepared a surprise present for the summer~ ^^ Now that I've finished work for the first half of the year, I'll be spending one month with my lovely fans~?

Everyone, I will be returning as a singer after 2 years. The album is called, 'Spring. Five Songs I'm Sending to a New Love'. At midnight on April 22nd, I'll be releasing my duet song with a female singer, 'Someone Else'. At midnight on the 29th, I'll be releasing a love story about a flashy-looking male celebrity and a normal girl, 'You're the One'. I'm so nervous… hehe."

These posts contained news that excited both the Wonder Girls and 2PM fans, as well as fans of J.Y. Park. Although he's been busy with various activities, including his movie '5 Million Dollar Man' and 'K-Pop Star', it looks like J.Y. Park's portable studio helped him keep on top of producing music as well.

Source: J.Y. Park's me2day via allkpop

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