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Monday, April 2, 2012

[News] 4000 Fans go wild over the talents and performances at 2PM's Third Fan Meeting

Returning with a more mature image and fresh off of their Asia tour, male idol group 2PM successfully finished their fan meeting amidst a hot wave of cheers from the 4000 fans in attendance.

As we reported earlier, beginning at 4:00 PM on April 1st, at the Kyunghee University Hall of Peace in Seoul, 2PM spent some much-missed quality time at a fan meeting titled “2PM’s The Hottest Party” with their official fan club HOTTEST.

On this day, 2PM went with a 2PM TV station concept, where they showed and acted out a variety of programs like “Life and Health,” “Live Broadcast Today,” “Drama Parody,” “Animal Planet,” “Wide Entertainment News,” “Talk Show” and “Music Broadcast.”

As an opening, 2PM showed a parody of some common theater etiquette. 2PM acted out a fun dramatization of messages like forbidden movements during 2PM performances, don’t kick the seat in front of you and throw your trash away in the waste baskets.

For the “Infinite Challenge” segment in the “Life and Health” corner, an aerobics instructor made an appearance and did gymnastics with 2PM members Taecyeon, Nichkhun and Wooyoung. During the three minutes of demonstrating some gymnastics, the instructor said, “I was delighted to be invited to 2PM’s fan meeting. I mark the beginning of a 2PM fan meeting filled with healthy beauty and charisma.

The “Live Broadcast Today” corner included news of their Korean fans as well as a weather report. Appearing in a brief sketch for this corner, 2PM members Junsu, Junho and Chansung gave an enthusiastic performance, but their images turned out to fall a bit short of expectations. Nevertheless, fans continued to clap and cheer on 2PM.

The thing that definitely caught the fans’ attention during this programming was their parody of MBC TV‘s hit drama “The Moon That Embraces the Sun.” The members were each 100% committed to their characters: Junsu as King Lee Hwon, Wooyoung as Crown Princess Heo Yeon Woo, Taecyeon as the eunuch Hyung Sun, Junho as Prince Yang Myung, Nichkhun as the Queen and Chansung as shaman court lady Jang Nok Young. While they completely reenacted the plot of the drama, the audience was in absolute hysterics as the room filled with laughter.

As an example of their shenanigans, during the famous torture scene, Wooyoung evoked laughter throughout with his dance movements and poses. Anyone who saw the members’ images and exaggerated movements would laugh as the fans did.

Taecyeon’s narration of “Animal Planet” was another thing that stood out, as he explained the 2PM members transformed into animals. Although the 2PM members looked disapprovingly out of the corners of their eyes during Taecyeon’s mischievous explanation, they followed his orders quite easily.

Chansung and Junho came out as the MCs for “Wide Entertainment News.” The first bit of news that they handled was news of 2PM’s performance. Footage from their rehearsal and backstage, as well as the members’ confessions, were shown in a prepared video.

Fans continued to be amused with the “Talk Show” parody, presided over by Taecyeon and included the roles of language expert Junsu, health professional Chansung, fashion guru Junho, dating expert Nichkhun and psychology expert Wooyoung. During this corner, fan club members were presented with pleasant solutions to their various worries, which included topics like “aegyo,” “ramyeon,” “relationships,” “double eyelid surgery,” “satoori” and “1oo days.”

In response to the first question, “I don’t have aegyo, is there a way to handle aegyo well,” Wooyoung responded, “Aegyo is really important. Even when just amongst friends, or even when with someone of the opposite sex, it is really important.” Following this emphasis on the importance of aegyo, the six members then showed their aegyo along with some encouraging words so that fans could imitate and learn from them. Chansung said, “You should work hard to exercise. If you take private lessons that are too difficult, the ‘give me one more chance’ aegyo will come out.” Nichkhun ordered, “If you love each other, you can understand each other. Let them see your heart rather than your outward appearance.

Additionally, when presented with the question of “Ways to stop eating late-night meals,” Chansung decided to go with a witty comment and make people laugh by saying, “Look in the mirror.” Junho gave his input, “You’ll be surprised the morning after you eat ramyeon. Your eyes will disappear. You will be shocked even when you can’t fit your clothes anymore. Diet together with me.” Nichkhun’s solution to the problem was to fall in love because “when you fall in love, instead of eating ramyeon, you do other things at night…” There was immediate chaos in reaction to his suggestive words, from the members and the fans, but Nichkhun quickly urged everyone to listen to the rest of his explanation. He continued, “When you fall in love, you want to look pretty, so instead of eating ramyeon at night, you take a 3o minute bath and apply lotion to your body.

Another fan’s worry was, “I’ve been drawing a cat character since my elementary school days but I don’t want to fail when I commercialize it,” to which 2PM responded with the advice, “Don’t say that.” In fact, this worry was not one of a fan’s, but actually one that Taecyeon himself sneakily raised, concerning the well-known Okcat drawings of his. The 2PM members expressed their opposition to Taecyeon’s Okcat enterprise. The fans, on the other hand, showed their support for the idea and seemed to think that it would be quite successful.

For two hours, the members of 2PM were able to entertain and show off their individual charms and explosive charisma. The grand finale of this eventful fan meeting was, as expected, the passionate songs of 2PM. Intermixed with some talks, 2PM took the stage and sent the 4000 fans into a frenzy with their performances of “Like a Movie,” “Follow Your Soul,” “Hands Up,” “Heartbeat,” “I’m Your Man” and more.

At the end of the fan meeting, Taecyeon gave his thanks to their fans for such a positive response,

We haven’t been doing many activities in Korea all this time. We’ve put a lot of thought into how to leave everyone with more memories and prepared for it.

In order to give their fans an enjoyable time with them amidst their busy overseas schedules, 2PM definitely went to great lengths and pulled out all the stops with their various laughter-inducing acts and powerful performances. I can’t wait to see what 2PM has next in store for their fans. A new album? A world tour? A fan meeting in the United States? All of the above? I hope so!

Sources: enews24 via TV Report via 2pmalways via kpopseven

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