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Thursday, April 5, 2012

[Twitter] 2PM’s Junho confesses he wants a girlfriend

It seems 2PM's Junho has been feeling a little on the lonely side lately.

He tweeted on April 6th KST, "I've been thinking that it'd be nice if I had a girlfriend lately, but I [don't have a solution] when I look at my schedule. I think the answer is just to work hard [when it comes to my schedule]." Fellow member Taecyeon replied, "Did the thought occur to you after 'Music and Lyrics'?"

Taecyeon was referring to Junho's recent appearance on MBC Music's program 'Music and Lyrics' with actress Kim So Eun, where the two stars collaborated on a song and enjoyed a romantic date camping.

After seeing Taecyeon's observant comment, Junho responded, "[You insufferable, gentleman.] Hyung, you'll also feel that Spring is here when you watch the episode. Everyone, Saturday at 11PM on MBC Music, Sunday at 11PM on MBC, please give it lots of love," promoting the upcoming 'Music and Lyrics' episode featuring himself and Kim So Eun.

Source: allkpop

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