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Thursday, August 9, 2012

[News] 120804 JYP Nation Concert in Seoul

Exclusively from soompi.com

On August 4th, all JYP artists were reunited for the annual JYP Nation concert. The Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, miss A, JJ Project, JOO, San-E, and Park Jin Young himself performed in front of 10,000 fans!

miss A kicked off the concert with their hit songs “Touch” and “Goodbye Baby,” and made the audience sing along during “Bad Girl Good Girl.” The Wonder Girls followed, putting the venue on fire with “So Hot.” The group was then joined by miss A for a collaboration stage on “Like This” and wrapped up their first appearance with their English track “Like Money.”

JYP rookie group JJ Project made fans “Bounce” with their debut track, looking very at ease for their first JYP Nation concert. Next, San-E performed his song “Love Sick” during which he went up to fans to touch some hands. For this stage, Sohee changed into a nurse’s outfit and JJ Project’s boys slipped into patient costumes. At the end of the song, the rapper announced a new album for the end of the year, surprising the fans. With her husky voice, it was solo singer JOO that got everyone swinging their arms in the air during her song “Bad Boy.”

The boy bands rocked the house despite two notable absences. 2AM, short of Jinwoon (who is in Madagascar at the moment for the recording of SBS’ “Laws of the Jungle 2?), softened the atmosphere with slow ballads as “You Won’t Answer My Calls,” “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me,” or “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die.” 2PM, short of without Nichkhun (who couldn’t attend following his recent DUI car accident), made the fans go wild with their powerful performances of “I Hate You,” “I’ll Be Back,” “Without You,” and others.

Next it was time for the boss! JYP Entertainment head Park Jin Young performed his latest song, “You’re The One” and numerous other hits songs such as “I Have a Woman” and “Honey,” making the audience follow the dance steps.

The concert was an occasion for all the fans to see numerous collaborations and special stages. Park Jin Young’s “Someone Else” was performed by JOO, Fei (miss A), Jo Kwon, and Seulong (2AM). They kept the romantic essence of the song for this stage. In another atmosphere, 2AM and 2PM got together onstage for 2PM’s “Heartbeat.” 2AM sung a slow version of the original track in some parts. Near the end, fans were taken by surprise when the eight members suddenly formed a human pyramid. They probably couldn’t get their breath back quite yet as the stage ended with the guys ripping their shirts off!

JYP also played the piano for three special stages. Junho, Taecyeon (2PM), and Changmin (2AM) got to perform Wonder Girls’ famous hit song, “Be My Baby.” Fanboys were not forgotten as JOO, Suzy, Jia (miss A), and Ye Eun (Wonder Girls) gave a sexy performance on 2PM’s “Again and Again.” The girls made a great impression with their black outfit accessorized by a waist-high strass belt. JYP lastly played Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” for Wooyoung, Chansung (2PM), Seulong (2AM), and JB (JJ Project). The song naturally transformed into “Bad Boy Good Boy.” Fans who wondered what it would be like to see the boys dancing around like miss A’s members, got their curiosity satisfied. They probably have a hard time forgetting the four boys lying down on their stomach, chin perched on their hands and feet in the air!

Sunye (Wonder Girls), Jo Kwon, Junho (2PM), and Suzy (miss A) gave an adorable performance in cute outfits while performing 2AM’s “What Should I Do.” The Wonder Girls also performed the sexy song “Bad Boy” with 2PM members, an occasion to see members of the two groups dancing in duet. JYP girls also got on stage all together for “Nobody,” dressed in bright yellow, blue and red outfits that could only caught the eye of the audience. Finally, Jo Kwon and Wooyoung performed their solo tracks toward the end of the concert, respectively “Animal” and “Sexy Lady.”

With more than forty songs, the concert was a real success putting the audience in different atmospheres through different backgrounds and light effects. The variety of special stages allowed fans to see different images of JYP groups. Despite the absence of Nichkhun and Jinwoon, all the JYP artists were able to pull off the concert and put all their heart at it. Fans are probably already waiting for the next JYP nation!

Meanwhile, JYP successfully held JYP FAN’s Day from August 3rd to August 5th.

Source: soompi

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