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Thursday, August 2, 2012

[News] 'The Curse of We Got Married' that Goes after Celebrities

Idol 2PM's Nichkhun was recently caught for drunk driving. Girl group T-ARA's Eunjung was also put under spotlight for being a part of T-ARA's Hwayoung bullying controversy. The similarity between Nichkhun and Eunjung is that they are both casts of MBC entertainment program "We Got Married."

Internet users are now calling this 'the curse of We Got Married.' This is not just seen between these two idols. There have been many other cases.

Alex and Kim Yong Joon (SG Wannabe) were also caught for drunk driving, and Super Junior's Kangin was accused for violence and drunk driving. Crown J also aroused controversy for violence and the use of weed. Kim Yong Jun and Kangin decided to go to the army to have a time to look back on their actions. Go Young Wook, who also came out as one of the MCs, was accused for sexual harrassment.

Internet users who found this out said, "There are so many cases that 'the curse of We Got Married' has to be real", "Who is the next victim of this curse", etc., and some have even been saying that their favorite artists would not come out in the show.

Photo Credits: MBC via kpopstarz

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