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Monday, August 27, 2012

[Twitter] 2PM Junsu's All-Nighter Drama

In the middle of mixing a new song. Pulling an all-nighter... 

@Jun2daKAY Our Junsu-hyung, fighting~!! 
Since you're pulling an all-nighter, go to sleep quickly before the typhoon comes!! kk 

@0430yes I'm still here T.T

@Jun2daKAY That's it. It should be enough, are you coming or not~ 

@0430yes I'm about to finish mastering, is it a day already? 
I'm in the underground studio, so I thought it was still night-time... Typhoon? 

@Jun2daKAY Typhoon won't come until hyung's back to our dorm kk 

@Jun2daKAY IS THIS how you're pulling an all-nighter? 

Hyung you're evil, I told you I passed out T.T

@Jun2daKAY And you say you come back after pulling an all-nighter every single day...

@taeccool I passed out only for 1 hour T.T And you know the reason better than anyone kkkkk

@Jun2daKAY Yes, I know the reason very well

Credit: Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways

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