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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jason schwartzman cousin of nicholas cage

Jason schwartzman cousin of nicholas cage, Being born into American entertainment royalty (his uncle is Francis Ford Coppola and his cousin is Nicolas Cage), Jason Schwartzman may have began life with a better chance of having style in his blood than most of us.

Add to his fashionable lineage the cast of unusual characters he’s constantly surrounded by while working on projects like Rushmore and The Darjeeling Limited, then factor in his regular appearance on the music scene as the one-man band Coconut Records, and it starts to seem as though Jason Schwartzman’s status as a style icon was a foregone conclusion. In spite of the charmed life he leads, however, the actor/musician has earned his style credentials through his understanding that the essence of true style lies in the expression of individuality.

His efforts to carve a niche for himself in the quirky-cool indie fashion scene have not gone unnoticed by hip fashion world types, with Schwartzman fronting cult label Band of Outsiders’ lookbook for Fall 2009 in a series of Polaroids shot by the brand’s designer, Scott Sternberg. Off screen, Schwartzman’s personal aesthetic nonchalantly blends top-notch tailoring with California kitsch, thus ensuring his fans are never Bored to Death with his sartorial selections.
Dress The Schwartzman Way
At 5-foot-6 inch Jason Schwartzman is an excellent example of how to dress a smaller frame because he understands the importance of how to ensure a proper fit.

Essentially, as far as style is concerned, this star has three modes of operation: suited up, casual cool and jeans-and-a-tee. When dressing up for a red carpet event or a swanky cocktail party, Schwartzman favors two- and three-piece suits that adhere closely to his body and feature subtle ‘70s-inspired details. However, though he may clean up well, this celebrity doesn’t hesitate to put his own spin on posh apparel, regularly combining sports shoes with dress pants, for example, or donning track jackets underneath blazers.

Accessories are yet another area in which Schwartzman makes his mark as a style icon, with his penchant for turning odd pieces -- including lapel pins and large bow ties -- into part of his signature look. Schwartzman’s eyewear choices also help him stand out, and he is frequently snapped in John Lennon-style specs or old-school aviators.

Overall, Schwartzman sticks to a neutral color palette, with gray and icy-blue being his preferred hues given their contrast with his dark hair. On a casual day, you’ll typically find the actor in a loose-fit cardigan with a rumpled oxford underneath and a pair of slim fit jeans.

To dress the Jason Schwartzman way without breaking the bank, begin with a not-too-perfect button-down, then build your outfit around it by adding tailored elements like a blazer or a cozy cardigan, and, last but not least, incorporating unexpected.

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