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Sunday, April 20, 2014

[News] 2PM Chansung, feels regret to the handling of the ferry disaster “This society gets sick”

Chansung of group 2PM does not hide his frustrated feeling for the handling of the Jindo ferry Sewol disaster.

Chansung of 2PM also pointed out inefficient rescue operation of ours through his Twitter. He said. “Accident can happen, but how to deal with the accident is reflecting our society. We can now realize how our society is being operated through the disaster and the accident can happen to anyone. I feel like this society gets sick.

He added, “I feel so sad. I really do not feel good after the accident. The disaster itself is tough but vicious actions after the accident makes me sadder. People who are hurting the families of the missing should receive the same pain as the families."

He also expressed his sympathy in April 16 saying, “Please there should be more survivors in the ferry disaster.

The Jindo ferry accident happened around 9 am in April 16 near Jindo-gun, South Jeolla Province. Out of 476 passengers, the survivors are 174 and 46 people are died and 256 people remain unaccounted for as of this morning.

Source: inthelsm@osen.co.kr

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