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Friday, April 4, 2014

[News] SNSD Tiffany and 2PM Nickchun's Pet Name Is 'Silly'? SM & JYP Confirms The Relationship

Girls' Generation member Tiffany and boy band 2PM member Nichkhun has confirmed that they are dating one another.

On the 4th(Korean time), a media source quoted from the words of Tiffany and Nickhun's representatives, saying "The two are thoughtfully carrying on their relationship. It has been four months since they officially became a couple."

Tiffany and Nickhun has frequently encountered one another through various music programs and events over the years, and their shared background of living in the states for many years helped them to grow closer because they were able to relate to one another well.

The two idols stars has been wrapped around in a dating scandal since 2009, when the two were spotted sporting matching 'couple' items such as cell phone accessories, necklaces, braceletes, notebook cases, and etc.

But of the foretelling signs of their relationship, the 'Thanks To' sections of Girls' Generation and 2PM's albums have been brought into the limelight. Nichkhun has written 'The Silly little Young one <3' on his thanks-to while Tiffany mentioned 'the Silly bf' on hers. The net users are pointing at the replicated use of the term 'Silly', while hypothesizing the 'Young' to mean Tiffany's Korean name Hwang Mi Young and 'bf' to be the short for 'Boy Friend'.

On the other hand, both respective companies JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment has admitted the relationship status of the two stars. On the 3rd, the representative companies asked that fans "Please look upon them with favor as they are in the beginning stages of their well-thought-out relationship."

Source: kpopstarz

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