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Saturday, April 19, 2014

[News] ‘Very Good Times’ 2PM Taecyeon, now he can act as a father

2PM Taecyeon is receiving praise from the audience with his acting as a devastated father. He has kept certain image of a ‘man of man’, but now he has widened his character to a very different perspective.

Taecyeon has been playing trouble maker Kang Dong Hee in KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘Very Good Times’. Until now, he was a character who hardly showed patience and made troubles wherever he went, but now he plans to show his heart breaking fatherhood.

Kang Dong Hee was born from his father’s second wife Ha Young Chun(Choi Hwa Jeong) and a father of two children. However, his children Kang Dong Ju(Hong Hwa Ri) and Kang Dong Won(Choi Gwon Su) thought Dong Hee as their brother and sister. His heart has been broken down as his children are calling him as brother and sister, not a father.

He sometimes saw his children with sorrowful look, hiding that he is their real father. The scene when his children got shocked by the fact that they were picked up under the bridge and ran away from home making him desperately look for his children, made the audience cry.

His popularity is expected to go higher not only among young age but also among middle-aged people since the scene which he prepares qualification exam to become a better father for his children was shown on home theater.

Especially, he covered the mobile phone not to get caught his cry and shed tears without making any noise, showing his somewhat disciplined skilled emotional play of ‘Acting-dol’.

Taecyeon plans to continue his role as heartbroken fatherhood in the drama aired in April 19. He will deliver impressive story by talking with his children near the sea. He is drawing people’s attention with his tear, his look, expression, and way of speaking that he has shown in the drama.

Source: goodhmh@osen.co.kr

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